Peter Brimelow: SPLC Hit Job Shows Once Again, Is Not A "Hate Group"—It's A Hated Group
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In this article, The Berkeley Springs Hate Group Who Stole Christmas, SPLCenter, December 15, 2022,  author Michael Edison Hayden seems to feel that (and white people / immigration patriots generally) are unclean, and everyone should hate them—and be told we’re hateful, even at Christmas-time, season of peace and goodwill.

Townspeople opposed to VDARE’s presence singled out the group’s public involvement in Berkeley Springs’ celebration of the Christmas holidays as a particular cause of concern to Hatewatch. The residents allege that starting in 2021, VDARE donated thousands of dollars to the Bath Christmas Project, an ostensibly benign operation focused on enlivening Berkeley Springs with festive cheer. (Bath is an alternate name for Berkeley Springs.) Since that time, ushers have brought children on Christmas-themed visits to the castle. Nowhere in the advertisements or social media posts promoting these events has Hatewatch observed the hosts explaining VDARE’s ownership of the castle, meaning that visiting non-white children could find themselves meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus in the same spot where white nationalists gather to organize. The conflict over Christmas is representative of a larger struggle in the 94% white town between those who want to attract big-city tourists to Berkeley Springs, and those content to quietly align with a group known for amplifying hate.

First of all, the idea that we’re the ones stealing Christmas is ludicrous—as they admit, we’re supporting Christmas.

Second, the idea that small children of color will be harmed by visiting a castle owned by people with unapproved ideas—and therefore should be prevented from coming—is more segregationist than anything we would ever come up with.

What it means is that we’re not actually a hate group—we’re a hated group.

Peter Brimelow comments on Twitter:

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