War On Christmas, Huffington Post-Style: Conservatives Defending Christmas Have Blood On Their Hands
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From the Huffington Post, along with standard "War On Christmas Denial" is saying that any objection to Christmas being cancelled is the equivalent of mass murder:

Each year, right-wing media ritually attempts to stir up a moral panic over a “war on Christmas.” Conservative pundits claim Democrats’ fixation on saying “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” is an affront to American values.   

It’s happening again this year, but the debate has taken on a new meaning amidst the coronavirus pandemic — and the stakes are actually incredibly high. Fox News hosts and right-wing media influencers are aggressively claiming that the secular warriors are fighting Christmas with social distancing measures and government restrictions. Convincing people that these basic public health efforts are illegitimate and offensive is incredibly dangerous as COVID-19 cases surge around the country and the United States surpasses its record for the number of deaths from the virus in a single day....

And in the weeks ahead of Christmas, right-wing media figures have been warning that attempts to control the spread of the virus are evidence of leftist efforts to cancel the holiday.

Tucker Carlson, a top-rated Fox News host and informal adviser to President Donald Trump, recently gave a nonsensical monologue about “power-hungry leaders trying to cancel Christmas.” He claimed politicians were attempting to ruin Christmas because they viewed the holiday as diminishing their authority. 

“They’ve figured out that Christmas is bigger than they are, and therefore, it’s a threat to them. Better cancel it ― and, in fact, they’re trying hard,” Carlson said. He also told viewers that “death is inevitable” and that “maybe we should pause before we destroy the living in the name of trying to eliminate it.” 

In a tweet featuring a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci talking with Jake Tapper about social distancing measures, One America News correspondent and neo-Nazi collaborator Jack Posobiec wrote that the CNN host “does not get to tell me whether or not my family celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.” Breitbart ran a column asking if readers would allow “fascist governors” to “cancel your Christmas.” Right-wing radio host Mark Levin tweeted that “the government doesn’t have the power to cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas!” 

Right-Wing Media’s 'War On Christmas' Claims May Have A Death Toll This Year

Conservative pundits are spreading dangerous misinformation as they attack attempts to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

By Nick Robins-Early, HuffPost US, December 19, 2020

By the way, apparently "neo-Nazi collaborator" is a standard thing for a Huffington Post Leftist to call OANN's Posobiec, based, according to Google, on what I can only call SPLC disinformation. He's alleged to have interviewed the wrong people, etc.

However, the rest is just as bad. If the Huffington Post is so concerned about death and social distancing, why don't they try cancelling BLM Riots instead?



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