Audacious Epigone: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas by State
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The correlation at the state level between the share of Google searches in the US for “Happy Holidays” relative to those for “Merry Christmas” over the last year and Hillary Clinton’s share of the 2016 US presidential election vote correlates at a vigorous .83.

The top five Happy Holidays states:

1) District of Columbia
2) Vermont
3) California
4) New York
5) Maryland

The top five Merry Christmas states:

1) Oklahoma
2) West Virginia
3) Alabama
4) North Dakota
5) Maine

Though the search results are not broken out by race, the rankings are strikingly similar to the ones I’d come up with if tasked with doing my best to arrange states from those with the Wokeist whites to those with the sleepiest white deplorables.

Search frequencies relative to all search inputs over time, from 2004 through the end of last week, are a handful of festive red and green pill to take with your egg nog:

Merry Christmas!

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