Black Writer Michael Harriot's War On Christmas Is A Subset Of His War On White People, Christians
Print Friendly and PDF has a bit called MSNBC Guest: 'My Favorite Thing Is Hating on Christmas,' December 27, 2021.

It's a report, with video, of an MSNBC show about "holiday" memes:

Mark Finkelstein writes at NewsBusters:

I'll actually give Tiffany Cross some credit: she made an effort to keep her MSNBC Christmas show today largely upbeat and apolitical. Lots of light-hearted stuff about "what's your fave Christmas movie, song?" etc.

That is, until Cross welcomed Michael Harriot onto the show, and ugly anti-Christian and anti-white bigotry broke out.

Cross asked Harriot, a Guardian columnist, about his Christmas/New Year's plans. Harriot said he was raised celebrating Kwaanza, then added:

"I'm always having the woke Christmas. So, you know, I'm always hating on Christmas, and telling everybody that Kwaanza is a better holiday than Christmas. So that's my favorite thing to do, just hating on Christmas." 

The show then displayed Harriot's chosen meme, which read: 

"Christmas would have your children believe an obese white man broke into your house and left presents for them. Is that what you want your kids to think about the gifts you worked hard all year to buy?"

Cross declared that "hilarious."

The irony is that earlier in the show, Cross scoffed at the idea that there is a War on Christmas, asking, "Is there really a War on Christmas? Of course not." 

Yeah, because nothing says No War on Christmas like someone saying his favorite thing is "hating on Christmas" and describing Santa Claus as an obese white man committing multiple B&Es. [More, emphasis in the original]

The thing is, Michael Harriot has a record of anti-white hatred a mile long.

When Harriot wrote, for the Atlantic, an article about how his mother had hated Dr. Seuss for racial reasons, Steve Sailer wrote a blog on it called From "The ATLANTIC: "My Mother Was A Racist Crank, And I Am Too, But That's Admirable Because We're Black" and commented

Harriot, the author of “The 5 Types of Becky,” is actually pretty funny, but he’s also a huge racist.

When there was an MSM freakout about "It's OK To Be White" stickers in the diaper aisle at Target, I noted that

Michael Harriot at the black website The Root did a post on it with a photo of a white baby and a white hand holding the card. And he filed it under "White Shenanigans"!

[Who Put ‘It’s OK to Be White’ Cards in Diapers at Target?, Michael Harriot, The Root, April 10, 2018]

The idea of a "White Shenanigans" section  is interesting. It's been a longtime MSM obsession that has a "black crime" section, or of course, actually a black crime tag. Of course, there's nothing unusual about a black website having double standards, since their very existence as part of the the Gawker Media Empire is an example of anti-white double standards.

Also by Harriot at The Root: Free Thought Is for White People, [May 2, 2018], quoted here, and It’s Official: White Allies Are The Worst Wypipo in the World, August 3, 2017, quoted here.

By the way, it's OK for Harriot to say Santa Claus is white, because he hates

(A) Christmas

(B) Santa

(C) White people

But if white people say that...well, click through to the replies of this Tweet to see what happens:

So remember, there is a War on Christmas, but there's also a War on White People, and Michael Harriot gets to fight it from the Atlantic and the Guardian. Anyone fighting back will be suppressed.

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