War On Christmas: Christmas Fights Back!
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We noticed the War On Christmas started early this year at the post office. But we also noticed, that Christmas is picking an unusually plucky fight back.

Maybe it’s one of the side effects of COVID, but it seem people are really into Christmas this year. Whether it’s starting early (the VDARE staff is sharply divided on when precisely it is appropriate to put up decorations—before Thanksgiving? Or the day after?) or ramping up the intensity of our celebrating, one thing is clear: in 2020, Christmas fights back!

For example, here’s a gem out of Pennsylvania: How does Williamsport beat the pandemic? Make Christmas bigger. That’s the spirit!

Here at VDARE, our bookkeeper would like to inspire you with her city hall scene. She says, “I have more Christmas decorations than can fit in my house.”

city hall

(Stay tuned for pictures of her two nativity scenes.)

And over at the castle, the VDARE Christmas tree is 15’ tall. Or approximately 3 Felicity Brimelows.

castle tree

Here we have the Christmas security detail reporting for duty. Piano for size.


We invite you to share your Christmas decorations with us too by sending pics of your favorite displays to us at [email protected]. We’ll pick staff favorites to share on social media!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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