A Reader Gets Wished Merry Christmas By A Non-White Non-Nationalist
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From: Roger Williams [Email him]

Recently I got a temporary job shoveling snow. We shovel Federal facilities, where our snow-shovel teams sometimes interact with security who let us onto gated Federal property. I worked on Christmas Eve, no less. On Christmas a co-shoveler said to the guard, "Happy Holidays!". The guard replied, "Don't give me that Happy Holiday stuff! I'm a Christian! Merry Christmas!" My co-shoveler persisted, smiling, "Happy Chanukah!," Visibly irritated, but also smiling, she retorted, "Merry Christmas!" No one lost their temper or anything, and the mood was one of kidding around, but still… there was something there.

But one thing I didn't mention, the guard was black. The shoveler was white (maybe Jewish but I'm not sure). What struck me was how blacks can merrily join the culture war without fear. She didn’t think twice about sticking up for Christmas (on Christmas Eve). I think it's why blacks are so sought after by Conservatism, Inc. Blacks don't worry about being fired for saying the wrong thing or being ostracized.  Another thing that caught my attention was that here this black woman Notices the War on Christmas.  We are told by the great and the good of the media that the War on Christmas is a figment of imagination ginned up by the Extreme Right to invent a grievance.  But this black woman sees this supposedly fabricated War on Christmas and I somehow doubt she spends all that much time reading the likes of VDARE.com or American Renaissance.

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