NOW He's In Trouble: Kanye Notices The War On Christmas
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Kanye West had another interview, and in the time between my watching it, and writing this blog, it’s been taken down [N.O.R.E. Faces Backlash for Kanye West Drink Champs Interview, XXL, October 16, 2022].

One thing that annoyed people:

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However, I checked out reports that he had also mentioned’s old friend, the War On Christmas, and he did.

I told y’all I’ma free my people in the name of  God and I will put my life at risk because if I wasn’t in a Glass Prison [i.e., of celebrity handlers] just Like Larry Hoover’s in a real  prison what then I would have had to say so when my kids go to school .I go into my kids school I see Hanukkah books then  I see Kwanzaa Christmas is Christ Mass. Where’s Jesus in the school where all  the celebrities are paying for the kids?

Larry Hoover, mentioned above, is a black gangster who’s in prison for life, and whose release is something of pet cause of Kanye’s.

Kanye even before this has said a number of things which offended the Jewish community, and this may have something to do with the fact that Kanye’s ex-wife, the former Kim Kardashian West, pictured right, had been going out with a guy named Pete Davidson, who is part-Jewish.



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