In North Carolina And Ohio, Trump Speaks On The War On Christmas: He's On The Side Of The Angels
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In the Lumberton Rally I mentioned earlier, President Trump said

And remember when I first started campaigning, department stores, they wouldn't use the word Merry Christmas, those words, Merry Christmas. They'd say Happy New Year. Everything would be in red and snow and all this stuff but they'd say Happy New Year.

And I said, "They will soon start saying Merry Christmas again." Now they're all saying Merry Christmas again. We will deliver record prosperity, epic job growth. [Audience chants "Four more years"] 

Lumberton Rally, October 24

And in Circleville, Ohio, he said:

Remember -- I was saying today, I was in North Carolina speaking to a great crowd, and I said, "Remember, I, when I first started, I said, "We're gonna say, 'Merry Christmas' again." Remember? And you remember all the department stores. [Laughs] Many of them are wiped out because of the internet, but these are minor details.

Right? But all the department stores, they'd say, 'Happy New Year,' and everything but Christmas, they don't wanna say, 'Christmas.' I said, "We're gonna say, 'Christmas,' again." And you know what? They're all saying, 'Christmas' again. They're saying, 'Merry Christmas.' They're all saying, 'Merry Christmas,' again.

Circleville, OH Rally, October 24

In a December rally last year, I noted that Trump spoke up for Christmas:

And he started out by saying Christmassy things, "Merry Christmas", "this sacred season," "I'm thrilled to be here with thousands of hardworking patriots as we celebrate the miracle of Christmas, the greatness of America and the glory of God" and finally "And did you notice that everybody is saying Merry Christmas again? Did you notice? Saying Merry Christmas."

If Hillary had been elected, it would have been "Always winter and never Christmas" as in Narnia.

Trump has always been on the right side in the War on Christmas. See, from our 2019 round up, these links:

This is what Tom Piatak meant by “getting nasty.”

An official White House image from the Donald (and Melania) Trump White House:

At the time I wrote:

Of course, it's a little early to be declaring victory, but the War On Christmas is being fought by both sides, and the Trumps are on the side of the angels.


And finally, a post about the Trump Administration, in the shape of Ben Carson's HUD, defending Christians from local officials who wanted to ban Christmas displays:

What can we expect in the event of a Biden victory? I suspect it will be the same "Always winter and never Christmas" it would have been under Hillary.

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