War On Christmas Denial From The NeverTrumpers At THE BULWARK
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The Bulwark is a neoconservative outlet manned by crazed NeverTrumpers, and it's engaging in War On Christmas Denial:

Now that we’ve left Afghanistan, the War on Christmas is the longest-running war in American history. Though a war, technically, needs two sides, and this one is really only being fought by social conservatives searching for an enemy.

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and Christmas trees going up, Fox News and the right-wing hype machine have done what they always do to get into the holiday spirit: started huffing and puffing about supposed outrages by the libs against our holiest of shopping seasons.

This year, the opening salvo was more comical than usual.

The Forever War on Christmas:  It’s only being fought from one side.
by Jim Swift,  December 1, 2021

The Bulwark objects to a Fox News segment on a Santa shortage, including the guy who joked, “I saw the story and I said, ‘Man, even Santa doesn’t want to work in this economy!’" and the absolute blasphemy of the RNC blaming Joe Biden:

Of course, The Bulwark supported the actual War in Afghanistan long after it made sense for America to leave, and Swift's reference to "social conservatives" is part of the lie that The Bulwark and its backers (especially Bill Kristol) were ever conservatives.

However, once again, the idea that the War On Christmas doesn't exist is so insane that, as the Alliance Defending Freedom's Jordan Lorence said once ,"I feel like Neil Armstrong listening to someone argue that NASA faked my Apollo moon landing!"


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