Michelle Malkin At AFPAC: The Charge of the America First Brigade
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See, from March, 2019: "CPAC AT THE BRIDGE"— Michelle Malkin's Great Immigration Patriot Speech, With Links And Video

James Fulford writes: We're posting this historic speech by Michelle Malkin with links, as usual. It begins, memorably, "Mommy’s in the house." While Michelle is technically old enough to be the mother of some of the young activists at AFPAC, I must say she doesn't look it. Thanks to Michelle for giving, below, a shoutout to Peter Brimelow, John Derbyshire, and VDARE.com itself!

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Michelle Malkin writes, on MichelleMalkin.com: This weekend, the inaugural America First Political Action Conference was held in the D.C. area. I was honored to speak alongside Patrick Casey, Scott Greer, and Nick Fuentes. It was hands-down one of the most heartening–and FUN—events at which I’ve ever spoken.

These are serious young men who never take themselves too seriously in their shared mission to end mass migration, restore law and order, and conserve and uphold actual conservative values. I love the scrappy energy and profound intelligence that undergirds this burgeoning movement. There is a generational gap that too many narrow-minded Boomers are cognitively incapable of overcoming in order to understand Gen Z’s sardonic humor and irreverence layered over their core America First message. Too many gullible critics and opponents of these kids also do not understand the devoutness they exhibit with regard to both their cause and their faith. In addition to our AFPAC event, the best moments of this weekend came when AFPAC attendees crashed the ConInc parties at CPAC and Bill Kristol NeverTrumper confab. It was the Groypers, for example—not TPUSA or YAF youngsters—who exposed Antifa-enabling Soros hitman Jared Holt. Holt was granted media credentials by CPAC organizers for the second year in a row, while conservative journalists were denied or booted from the conference.

Here is the full video and transcript of my AFPAC remarks, which will undoubtedly be twisted and lied about by all the usual hysterical suspects collaborating on the establishment Left and Right to un-person and de-platform me, as they have done to so many others. They are losing.This movement is viral and all the walls and barriers that ConInc and their friends in high places erect can’t stop it from spreading.

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Thank you. Thank you. Mommy’s in the house. When I said that Mom was proud of the boys the first time, it led to the immediate disavowal of me by the slimy crapweasels of Young America’s Foundation.

I say it even louder today. I could not be more ignited in my passion to fight for the same issues that we all, every one of us in this room, care about. The future, the preservation of America first. Not second, not third, not last. Not subordinate to Saudi Arabia, or China, or my ancestral land in the Philippines, or Israel, or anywhere.

The title of my speech is The Charge of the America First Brigade. And as many of you know, I was an English major. So for my last speech at CPAC, really the last, last ever speech I’ll ever give there, I titled it “CPAC at the Bridge.” The classical allusion was to “Horatius at the Bridge.” At the time, of course I had no premonition or vision that it was you who were the ones that were going to be at the bridge, because for the last 25 years I thought that I was one of those lone people standing there shouting in the wind. The stanza that, of course, is the most famous stanza from “Horatius at the Bridge” is the one in which,

“Out spake brave Horatius, the captain of the gate
to every man upon this Earth death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds
Of the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods.”

And so, the charge of the America First Brigade, of course, is the reference to Tennyson. I found it so apt, given especially everything that so many of you have been through, every single one of you in some small way or large. This stanza that came to mind:

“Cannon to right of them, cannon to left of them
Cannon in front of them
Volleyed and thundered
Stormed at with shot and shell
Boldly they rode and well
Into the jaws of Death
Into the mouth of hell
Rode the 600.”

I want you to keep that in mind as I begin my formal remarks, which will commence this way.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (but no e-girls—Right? Have I proved my bonafides?), I rise tonight in defiant opposition to Conservatism Inc. and in unwavering support of America First. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I must reveal to you that the number of donor class CEOs and philanthropists that are backing me is precisely zero. There is no Sheldon Groyperson pulling the strings. There are no Kek Brothers lurking in the background, waiting to whisk me away in a private jet. The grand total of subsidies that I have received from America First is zero dollars and zero cents. Because there is no America First Inc.

This is an organic movement, not a corporation, not a racket, not a pay-for-play machine like the money grubbing, coin operated, spectacle taking place at the Gaylord. I learned today, by the way, that some organizations there have been pressured to cough up $250,000 for the privilege merely of holding parties near the main CPAC venue. A $250K price tag just to purchase a presence on the margins of CPAC. But we’re the grifters.

Unlike that cloistered class of think tankers and TV pundits and reality show brand ambassadors and GOP hacks whose world, yes, I coexisted in for 25 years, this brave new young, young America First Movement that you are leading is real and spectacular and authentic. I’ve seen it firsthand on the ground on college campuses across the country, especially in the last six months. I have heard it in hushed tones in Republican gatherings, mainstream Republican gatherings. I have witnessed it among traditionalist nuclear families and yes, in top secret high places here in the DC swamp. And this, this is why the establishment bots and the zombies and the shills that know no other way of life are more freaked out than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

This bread and circuses charade I’ve called it for a long time now, has been thoroughly unmasked. And I raise my glass over there to the Groyper wars. Praise God. As has been mentioned, there was a recent gripefest podcast by Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, Chuckles Kirk, and they were consoling each other. They lied to their boomer constituents that there are no more than 20 of you. Right? Just 20 in the America First Brigade. So 20 may have been the initial front lines, ambushing the Q&A’s [sarc]—How dare you line up politely and wait your turn, you ambushing trolls! [Laughter]

20, yeah maybe 20, on the front lines, but a legion behind you. We are more than 20, hashtag that, more than 20.

A year ago this week, I had no idea who most of you were and most of you had no idea who I was and that’s okay–even though we have been largely, unbeknownst to each other, fighting many of the same battles against many of the same enemies, against the same fearful odds on the same rigged playing field. I did not know you then, but I did stand on that stage at CPAC in 2019 calling out the feckless organizers for barring real conservatives, immigration hawks, free thinkers and various dissidents from the conference. Meanwhile, the simulators and the saboteurs and the speech squelchers and the Soros smear merchants—like that, Jared Holt [Boos.] weasel that you chased out [of CPAC]—and of course the highest bidding sponsors who were all enjoying free rein back then in the front seats, in the VIP sections, and backstage. On stage last year, I mentioned our friends, Gavin McInnes and Laura Loomer and others who had been banned from darkening the CPAC door. But of course in a larger sense, I was talking about all of you here now and so many others who’ve been forgotten in the past. Who’ve been relegated to our motley Valley of the Banned in one way or another, either by CPAC or ConInc.

It’s an intergenerational club. Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey, VDARE and Peter Brimelow. Faith Goldy, Milo, Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, Robert Stacy McCain, Dinesh D’Souza, Ann Coulter, John Derbyshire, Jason Richwine, Darren Beattie, and on and on and on.

A fury had welled up inside me a year ago that had long been simmering. There was a time when CPAC did at least give the grassroots nationalists a seat at the table. And I’ll never forget this, because this was a very pivotal moment for me in my young career. 17 years ago when I had the privilege of teaming up with the original Godmother of America First, the Catholic author, lawyer and social conservative, mom of six and grandmother of 16, Phyllis Schlafly.

We argued against open borders and perpetual amnesty at that time against Grover Norquist—the slimy, entrenched, Beltway Swamp lobbyist. Is there any other kind—and Tamar Jacoby, a dime a dozen editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal, which of course is the global homogenization house organ for big business that infamously pushed for the five-word Constitutional amendment, “There shall be open borders.” But nobody’s for open borders. [sarc]

The standing room only audience back then was with us, the rabble-rousers at the gate, not with the keepers of the gate. And soon after that the grassroots prevailed over the evil Bush/Rove empire in the mid 2000s, defeating a massive illegal alien amnesty of millions of natural Democrat voters from Mexico and Central America, who, if they had gotten their path to citizenship, would have almost certainly ensured the demographic abortion of a Donald Trump Presidency.

I want to dwell on the demographic math for a second because ConInc hates nationalist math.

Math doesn’t care about your feelings. They love to crow about the GDP and 401Ks and the black unemployment rate. Have you heard about the black unemployment rate? Did you know it’s at a record low? Let me tell you that again, 999 times in 99 seconds. But God forbid that you start talking about mass migration numbers and, oh I don’t know, the electoral consequences of amnesty. There were an estimated 925,000 illegal aliens in Florida in 2012. Trump won that state by just 114,000 votes. Pew Research estimated that there were about 120,000 illegal aliens in Michigan in 2012. Trump won that state by 10,704 votes and there are reportedly more than 300,000 illegal aliens in Arizona, a state that Trump won by 92,000 votes. If Hillary had won those three states Florida, Michigan, and Arizona, she would’ve won the election 288 to 250. In fact, she didn’t even need to win all of those states. She could’ve won by carrying Florida plus Michigan or Florida plus Arizona. And the presidential race, of course would also have been a lot closer in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

There are an estimated 1.68 million illegal aliens in Texas and Trump won that state by 800,000 votes. Oh, and let’s not forget that Ted Cruz. Yes, who I initially supported because I was of ConInc, had won Texas by just 215,000 votes and Ron DeSantis in Florida by less than 33,000. Rick Scott won Florida by about 10,000 votes. All would have lost if the Bush/Rove Chamber of Commerce mass amnesty had passed. And that of course, as we all know in this room, is just the impact of amnesty.

I will tell you that over the years I have tried to drum into the heads of normies, that the brave formulation of being against illegal immigration, but for legal immigration is kindergarten level thinking. And it is really alarming that even after all of this time that the cognitive handicaps of so many people who consider themselves America Firsters, is such that they don’t even know the basic fact that we grant 1.1 million Green Cards to this country every year.

I shockingly learned from a Beltway insider today that in the inner chambers of meetings and high level places, people were confused when this fact was given to them because they thought it was 1.1 million over five or 10 or 15 years. So of course, in addition to that 1 million Green Cards flooding in the country every single year, the refugee resettlement pipeline, seasonal and agricultural guest workers allowed to adjust their status to gain green cards, the bogus U visa, and of course, Charlie Kirk’s favorite F1 Foreign Student Visa holders, the OPT indentured servants, and permanent residency acquired one way or the other by the millions of short term visa overstays, the Temporary Protected Status winners who won the lottery again, even under the Trump Administration, all their spouses, the 800,000 DACA recipients plus the chain migration multiplier of three or more.

The numbers, the exit polls, the stubbornly unmalleable voting preferences of the majority of amnestied and naturalized citizens, plus Birthright Citizenship beneficiaries in every major ethnic block all lead to one irrefutable reality. Mass migration isn’t just turning California and Virginia and Texas blue. It’s turning all of America blue and every American should be seeing red about it. This nation under God will be majority minority by 2045. And when I launched my book tour for Open Borders Incorporated in September, the immediate response from the Soros monkeys was that I was anti-Semitic for trafficking in the Great Replacement Theory that was also believed by the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter.

Already right out of the gate, before I even knew who Nick Fuentes was, before I knew who Groypers were, I was being tarred as an anti-Semite. It’s become a useless, meaningless term and everybody knows it. And that’s why they’re so desperate to tar all of us as that.

It’s anti-Semitic to mention George Soros’s billions. It’s anti-Semitic to criticize the Anti-Defamation League. It’s anti-Semitic to question whatever the precise number is of people who perished in World War II. It is anti-Semitic for me, being married to a 100% Ashkenazi Jew, to question dual loyalties of people who are working here as agents of a foreign country.

Oh, and it is an unacceptably anti-Semitic to point out the rank hypocrisy of people who are fiercely protective of an ethno-state and an immigration enforcement system that works–who turn around and call those of us who believe, whatever our backgrounds are, who only have one homeland that they’ve ever known, to call us—what is it now?–“white majoritarianism” I believe is the term.That’s me. Thank you.

Here is what we all know, those of us who understand demographic reality. There is no turning back. We know that. 1965, the Hart-Celler Act, the Refugee Act of 1980, the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, which again is being recycled and pushed right now in the halls of Congress and the White House, the 1990 Immigration Act that’s created H-1B, and the Diversity Visa Lottery, plus more than a dozen other mini-amnesties, extensions and waivers. There is no turning back.

America will look like the cover of Ilhan Omar’s new book. It will look like the no-go zones of the Twin Cities. It will look like the serial predator-infested public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland. It will not look like this room. This is not conspiracy replacement theory. This is conspiracy truth. America First policies and principles have always been at the heart of grassroots conservatism, and as Nick said, that word has become so tainted that it’s an embarrassment to me to have identified proudly as such, ever since I was as young as you were, a college student. And yet over time, despite this being one of the basic tenets of grassroots conservatism, our side was shoved to the margins of CPAC’s so-called Big Tent in favor of this vulgar—it is vulgar—this endless parade of vaudeville acts and Republican flacks and corporate hacks and Drag Queens who blabber about everything under the sun except the dire consequences of mass migration in our beloved homeland—America.

I was in Arizona earlier this week speaking with grassroots conservatives, many of them young college students, but many of them my age, middle-age and older, who well remember the contemptuous John McCain routine flip-flops on suicidal open-borders policies. Some of you won’t remember this. You were in grade school, I’m sure, during campaign seasons when he would don this phony cowboy hat and he rode on a horse with the border patrol faking support for enforcement.

And then of course after winning election after election, after election, by exploiting the naïvete of the base, and here I’m hoping that people who are watching this online who are not zoomers, who are not Groypers, will stand up and remember this, you remember, don’t forget, don’t fall into open-borders amnesia. He’d cuddle up with Vanity Fair reporters sneering at his “racist” constituents who kept pestering him about building, “The goddamn fence.” That’s what he called it. And now there’s a McCain in a skirt, Martha McSally, who was for the illegal Alien Dream Act, before she was against it. She’s running for McCain’s seat using the same template, the same advisers, the same platitudes. She must have TPUSA staff on the payroll because to distract from that, what did she do a month ago? And of course all the bread and circuses, Fox, they fell for it.

She goes and finds some CNN journalist who asks a question. She says, “You’re a liberal hack.” Oh, everybody goes wild. Martha McSally! She destroyed! All in capital letters: DESTROYED! They think people are stupid and unfortunately, so many are. So, you’ve got Martha McSally in Arizona, and then in my adopted home state of Colorado, there’s another spawn of McCain, right? Last year I talked about the ghost of McCain, this is the spawn of McCain. Cory Gardner. He’s this oily Hispanderer. That’s Mickey Kaus’ term, Hispanderer in the mold of McCain and Romney…who has the backing of President Trump.

ConInc hijacking history repeats itself again and again and again.

Many of you of course, are all well versed in the betrayals of the GOP establishment when it comes to engineering and succumbing to demographic conquest. So I want to pivot for a moment and talk about limited government and the scourge of socialism. This is the hot new thing now, right? CPAC has made it its leitmotif, it’s theme of the conference and their rallying cry. Well, once again, immigration and sovereignty issues are tokenized with obligatory panels filled with controlled actors, right? They’ve got their toothy little grins and their glossy brochures, and their slick signs and their cheesy names and the shills are plying the boomers at this conference–oh, and also aspiring YAF and TPUSA interns–with “Socialism sucks” junk food. That’s what it is. Junk food. And I know a lot of you are junk food aficionados in this room, but I’m talking about the bad junk food, not the good junk food.

Why is this happening? It’s not out of cynical Beltway elites’ sincere fear or contempt for Bernie Sanders style socialism. Virtue signaling is vice deflection. The louder the virtuous proclamation, the dirtier the vice being whitewashed. Braying—and that’s what they do, they bray all day long, about the left’s socialism—distracts from the obscene growth of government under Republican rule. Who approved the $700 billion TARP bailout? Who approved the $25 billion auto bailout? And the $85 billion AIG bailout? $300 billion mortgage entitlement bailout? Who presided over the massive growth of the US Department of Education, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley data miners? Who hoovered up hundreds of millions of dollars from gullible GOP boomer voters on the phony promise of repealing Obamacare?

It wasn’t the Democratic squad. It was the corporate status socialist squad of the GOP.

In end-stage Rome everything was for sale and when the grift reached the precious commodity of citizenship, it was obvious that the collapse of a once great civilization was nigh. Under the reign of Claudius, Roman citizenry became a cheaply auctioned trinket, and the emperor’s wife Messalina enlisted senior members of the Imperial Court, known as the Palatium Freedmen to collect payments in exchange for citizenship, not to mention governorships, procuratorships and military commands. At first, Claudius’ wife charged great sums, but as the practice became commonplace and indiscriminate, the price plummeted. According to an ancient historian, Cassius Dio, “A man could become a citizen by giving the right person some bits of broken glass.” That sound familiar?

In end-stage America, which is where we are, the modern day equivalent of this Roman cash for citizenship scheme is known as the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, which dispenses green cards and a path to American citizenship to favored foreign bidders. That program, as we all now know, as a result of the noble gladiators in the Groyper War arena on college campuses, is embraced and promoted by none other than ConInc’s, court jester, Charlie Kirk.

There will be ample opportunity to ask questions about this that might induce yet another disavowal of his favorite immigration open-borders programs. It’s amazing that these are the clowns again who audaciously call us grifters, and of course this is the classic textbook example of psychological projection. It reeks and I will tell you just on my own personal level, and I haven’t talked about it much because I don’t, that I had made countless decisions in my own career over the last quarter century to walk away from ConInc Pivotal moments. I walked away from several donor-funded new media ventures. I turned down book deals that plied the GOP narrative du jour. I walked away from a Fox news contract and all the clout and creature comforts and false eyelashes and airbrush that go along with it.

I was always in, but not of ConInc, and there was a time when CPAC could say the same. So all these gatekeepers are befuddled and perplexed that I would throw that all away and support what you were all doing and make all of these sacrifices and commit career suicide. They all cackle and heckle while they say that and work in their comfy, subsidized cubicles writing my 1000th obituary. But my message and my focus has never wavered over a quarter century. I’m not committing suicide, America is. And it would be a waste of my own parents’ sacrifice, a waste of our founders’ hard work and toil, a waste of the First Amendment, for me to be quiet.

We’re not the sellouts. They are. They’re selling out America’s college students, young workers, free thinking patriots who desperately need a voice and a venue for muscular nationalism, immune from donor class corruption. I want to read the actual cowardly disavowal that, I think not catalyzed, but fast forwarded my own journey. This is the actual disavowal that YAF gave. By the way, this is such a, I think, a very vivid illustration of what we have all referenced: the collusion between the far left and Big Business/US Chamber of Commerce establishment right. Because I had given a speech at UCLA praising the Groyper Wars, naming Nick Fuentes, which you’re not supposed to name the names, right? Name the names. Over a hurried weekend, a decision was made for the official YAF organization to issue a disavowal that didn’t name me because they don’t like to name names.

“YAF gives a platform to a broad range of speakers with a range of views within the mainstream of conservative thought. Immigration is a vital issue that deserves robust debate, but there is no room in mainstream conservatism or at YAF for Holocaust deniers, white nationalists, street brawlers, or racists.”

I guess that covers all of us, doesn’t it? They left the dirty work to their friends at The Daily Beast because if one reads this, one would have no idea that this was about me and this was about you. They leaked the story to The Daily Beast, which ran anonymous people quoted, anonymous YAF officials quoted as completing the disavowal and pulling the trigger. And what was perplexing to a lot of people is why all of these different people were listed here, like where did street brawlers come from? And that came from the fact that I had written a column that week before I spoke at UCLA that talked about the vacuum that ConInc had left of putting boots on the ground for people who would truly advocate for America First. And of course I talked about Groypers, I talked about young American tech workers, and I talked about the Proud Boys.

That’s where all of these things came from. And this is important because it shows you what they fear. They fear coalition-building. They fear the idea that people are beginning to get out of their silos and connect with each other. The reason why I believe they fear me the most is because I’m acting as a catalyst and a bridge. I’m willing to do that because this is where I have always been. I joked, I can’t remember where it was, but I joked the other day that the reason why I have an affinity for kids who do video from their basement is because I was sort of a grandmother of that. The very first group blog that I founded, and I know this is ancient history, was a blog that created video content from my basement with one of the green screens, like that’s this big, that would bleed out, right? It would take seven hours to upload a 10 minute video.

I’ve seen the evolution and the magic of the power of the internet. And it’s why I have also been at the forefront of defending so many people who’ve used these platforms that are now being yanked from them, whether I agree with them on 100% issues or not. I mean, I’ve been married to my husband for 26 years. There’s nobody on the planet that will agree with 100% of what I have to say or think. And the war on free speech, as I elaborated in Open Borders Inc., is tied to the war on American sovereignty. It’s not a coincidence that Silicon Valley is behind all of it and that both parties have sold out to these speech squelchers and sovereignty saboteurs.

It’s important to stick together like glue. That’s a phrase that Donald Trump used a couple of weeks ago when he was giving backhanded praise to the Democrats after impeachment. He said, “You know they’re vicious and they stick together like glue.” Guess what? We have to be, too, because nice from the party establishment and the GOP has not worked.

[At this point, we got word that the despicable hit man Jared Holt, credentialed by CPAC, had doxxed our event.]

We have to wrap up and I just want to say a couple of things on a personal level. I really do believe that my role as a mother informs the choices that I have made and at some point there will be a passing of the torch. I will not be doing what I’ve done for 25 plus years. I had always woken up, especially in the last couple of years, thinking before I knew all of you, that I would have to do it until I was 70 or 80 or 90 because there was no one else to take up the legacy. I feel very confident that you, the Light Brigade, the America First Brigade, are well positioned to do what so few other grassroots revolts and rebellions have succeeded in doing. I believe in you.

I honor your charge. I honor your mission. You may not have finances, but you have faith in this country and you have many more friends than you know. God bless you.


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