Nick Fuentes Deplatformed By Google-Owned YouTube But “America First” MESSAGE Still Strong
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Steve Sailer once wrote  “What goes unsaid eventually goes unthought.”

But what happens when good people to rise to challenge the prevailing political orthodoxies and then tech totalitarians, aided by pro-Antifa outlets, work to de-platform them?

Nick Fuentes has finally been banned from YouTube, his “America First” channel digitally erased by the Google-owned company.

What happens when what is said can no longer be heard?

Fuentes's message of “America First” resonated with hundreds of thousands of people, and he was working with other young people to try and build a movement to challenge Conservatism Inc. (See The Groyper Wars On Immigration Are The Debate That American Nationalism Needs.) Having his popular YouTube channel deleted by Google will be a momentary nuisance, but in the long-term will only work to motivate those around him of the worthiness of their cause.

Because what was said on his “America First” was starting to become increasingly thought by thousands and thousands of young people.


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