Scott Greer's Review of NOTICING: "Steve Sailer’s Citizenism"
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From Scott Greer’s Highly Respected, the opening of his lengthy review of Noticing:

Steve Sailer’s Citizenism
A review of “Noticing”

APR 25, 2024

Steve Sailer is an American classic. The unassuming Californian made his name noticing the many absurdities in American life. Because his observations violated numerous taboos around race and gender, he was never given his proper due. Rather than being a star columnist for National Review, he labored away at dissident publications such as VDARE and Taki’s Mag. Thankfully, Sailer is now getting some of his much-due respect. His polite evisceration of journalist delusions on Twitter/X has made him a folk hero on the Right. Conservatives who would’ve once avoided Sailer like a leper now retweet him and openly cite his work.

It’s appropriate for this moment that Passage Press releases a collection of Sailer essays, naturally titled Noticing. The book includes many of his most incisive writings. The topics range from analyses of the Great Awokening, human biodiversity, America’s ridiculous foreign policy decisions, politically incorrect truths about crime, and much more. All of this is delivered in a common sense, unpretentious style that can easily appeal to normies. There is no bombast or pretentious scribbling here. This makes the writing more digestible to ordinary Americans who are trained to retch at the mere mention of Sailer’s favorite topics. It’s hard to disengage with the subject matter when the author writes in such a reasonable and affable manner.

Read the whole thing there.

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