2024 Castle Conference: Livestream Tickets Sales Now Closed—See Earlier Speeches To Get The Flavor
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Our sold-out summer conference is starting soon, and if you can’t attend in person, you can watch the livestream, assuming you’ve bought a ticket, so I’m putting up some speeches from the 2023 conferenceto give you the idea of what’s going on:

VDARE.com edtior Peter Brimelow:

BRIMELOW AT THE CASTLE: GOP Still Terrified Of Being Called RACIST!!! VDARE.com’s Role—Taking Risks To Force Immigration Into Public Debate

The highly respected Scott Greer:

GREER AT THE CASTLE: Identity Issues SLOWLY Entering Conservative Mainstream

And Steve Sailer, in what at the time was the first public speech he’d give in ten years:

Steve Sailer’s Speech: The Secret History of the 21st Century

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