Senator John McCain's Continuing Voter-Amnesia Campaign
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The Arizona Senator is vividly remembered by many citizens as Ted Kennedy’s devoted pal who supported a big amnesty bill – which was called the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill – and promised during his Presidential campaign to forgive millions of illegal aliens on his ”first day” in the White House.

But now, Job #1 in his re-election campaign is making voters forget his passionate pursuit of alien amnesty that was unpopular then, and is even more disliked today. The Senator faces a strong pro-borders candidate (JD Hayworth) in November, which has focused the McCain brain enormously.

Johnny’s high dive today is the tricky full 180-degree flip-flop, from Mexico’s best friend in the Senate to a tough border defender who now declares ”No amnesty” like he wanted people to believe it:

McCain favors immigration reform that would deport ”many’ illegal residents, The Hill, July 6, 2010

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Tuesday he would favor immigration reform that would deport many of the residents of the United States who are here illegally.

McCain, who at one point had been the top Republican advocate for immigration legislation promising a pathway to citizenship for some illegal immigrants, said he favored establishing a guest worker program. But McCain expressed opposition to any program that would give illegal immigrants a way to become citizens.

”No amnesty. Many of them need to be sent back,” McCain said during an interview on KQTH-FM in Tucson, Ariz.

Once the border is secured, McCain said, ”a temporary legal worker program has to be part” of immigration reform. But he made it clear that program would be for those who want to enter the country as part of that future program, and not those who came to the United States illegally.

Yep, John McCain pledged ”No amnesty.” Being a member of the Senate must be one sweet gig, judging by what these characters will do to keep their seats.
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