Crop Rot Fever, Seasonal Edition
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In October, 2007, in response to a Mickey Kaus post making fun of a "crops rotting in the field" story, I wrote

It's October, and for the benefit of sophisticated urbanites at the Manhattan Institute, Washington Post, and New York Timescrops are not gonna rot in the fields because they've already been picked, almost everywhere in the nation. (Certainly in the San Joaquin Valley, where Joe Guzzardi lives.)

In March, 2008, I noted

Of course, the really interesting thing is that we're seeing a Crop Rot Fever story in March—I don't know what the temperature is inCalifornia, but in Pennsylvania at this time of year, not only do crops not rot in the fields, a pound of hamburger left outside wouldn't rot in the fields—you'd have to defrost it before you could have lunch. [Mickey Kaus On The Curious Incident Of The Crops That Didn't Rot In The Fields]

It's August, so people are actually out there picking blueberries and whatever, but it's important to remember, when you see stories like  Severe immigration laws 'weaken the economy", Ron Smith, Delta Farm Press, August  22, 2012, that farmers will make this claim at any time of year.

"Weaken the economy" in Delta Farm Press terms, means weaken the profits of farmers, many of whom are rich.

More Crop Rot Fever from the past:




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