Another Reason Deep State Wants Unending Russia War: A Bazelon-Style Looting Of Russian Assets
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The Twitter account @visegrad24 is an exceptionally bloodthirsty NeoCon operation with a million followers. Sometimes it is useful for supplying videos of Muslims misbehaving in white countries. Here is one from Paris.

Over the weekend Visegrad24 was beside itself celebrating Speaker Johnson’s capitulation on Israeli and Ukrainian aid. Interestingly, they seemed much more excited about prolonging the Ukraine war.

But on reading one gloating post a light went off about what is driving this ludicrous and dangerous waste of American money.

BREAKING: The House of Representatives has passed a law that will allow the U.S. to sell seized Russian assets and transfer the funds to Ukraine. It will bring Ukraine billions of dollars more in funding. Time for the EU to follow suit!

This matter was discussed in US House approves bill to transfer seized Russian assets to Ukraine, by Dinara Khaliova, Kiev Independent April 20, 2024.

I continue to maintain Why Did Speaker Johnson So Totally Betray His Party And Country? If It Walks Like A Bribe And Talks Like A Bribe....  And I think this applies to other political leaders both in America and Europe.

The Ukraine of course is notoriously almost as corrupt as a black African country. It is an open secret that a good deal of the gift Congress just gave it is going to be stolen. MSM interest in this subject has nosedived as the war has dragged on but here is a recent Foreign Policy apologia: How Deep Does Corruption Run in Ukraine?, by Adrian Karatnycky, March 6, 2024.

Handing over a huge quantity of desirable assets to be sold by appointees of the Biden gang opens a whole vast new field for corruption—and here, not in the Ukraine.

As I discussed in Does James/Engoron Gang Plan To Loot Trump’s Companies The Way Leftist Hero Judge Bazelon Plundered Japanese-Americans?, the wholesale looting of the property of the interned Japanese-Americans in WWII was possibly the greatest unsung U.S. Government financial scandal of the 20th century.

David Bazelon, a lawyer for the Chicago Mob, made a series of fortune-creating deals and then wormed his way onto the D.C. Court of Appeals. There, amongst many other destructive actions, he is said to have masterminded the Watergate coup.

Many disreputable Democratic courtiers are no doubt now salivating over lucrative careers brokering theft from the Russians.

No wonder the Deep State is determined on a permanent Russian war.

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