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Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, which has been acting crazy lately,  posts this

Stephen Green has a ”response” to a comment I posted earlier in one of the tea party threads. He deliberately omits the link to LGF, which makes this a rather odd sort of response – one I’m not intended to see, I guess.
Vodkapundit » A Response to Charles Johnson.

Over at LGF (no link, sorry) Charles Johnson notes that I’m taking phone calls from ”white supremacist” Stacy McCain. (Thanks, Darlene.)

Now, I’ve worked with Stacy in person a couple of times, at the DNC last summer and at CPAC in February. Both were crowded, high-stress situations. At no time did I see Stacy treat anyone – of any color, creed, whathaveyou – with anything less than respect and good humor.

So, is Robert Stacy McCain a white supremacist? Hell if I know. But he enjoys breaking bread with agnostic half Jews like me, which would certainly make him a different kind of white supremacist.

Robert Stacy McCain writes for VDARE and Takimag, two disgusting, openly racist websites. And he’s a friend of Richard Spencer, a self-avowed white nationalist. McCain is a member of the white supremacist group League of the South, and he’s associated with the deeply racist American Renaissance.

Check out any of these groups on the web, Stephen, and see if I’m exaggerating. You might want to start with Google’s cache of the American Renaissance website.

I don’t link directly to them because they’re a hate group.

OK, these guys are nuts. Here's what I had do to quote that post. I had to copy and paste it as text, to remove the Infolinks advertising spam, and then I had to paste in the links that Johnson dropped from his quote of Stephen Green's post, probably because he was pasting as text—but possibly for moral reasons, I just don't know. Because once you start saying "I'm going to talk about what this guy said, but not link to it," you're not doing internet journalism anymore. It's going from "We can factcheck your a**" to "We're just making sh*t up." For example, the LGF comment at issue, that neither Johnson nor Stephen Green linked to was probably this one, but who cares? After all, that comment had no link to what Johnson was complaining about, probably this Vodkapundit post, but again, who cares?

Anyhow, for the record, Robert Stacy McCain does not write for Not that there's anything wrong with that, either way. We have quoted him:

The "visual input" post may be unsafe for work, unless you work at American Apparel. But we never have run an article by R. S. McCain, or even a "Today's Letter" from him. Nor would he be responsible for all the opinions of all our writers, alive and dead, if he had. And Little Green Footballs should know both those things.

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