"Delete Irrelevant And Superfluous Ethnic Joke"—Milo's Rejected Book Shows Simon & Schuster Run By Cultural Marxists, Cuckservatives With No Sense Of Humor
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I did a piece called From ANIMAL FARM To AMERICAN SNIPER—Cultural Marxist Capitalists Leave Billions On The Table, But There’s Hope For American Culture Yet, about how publishers and filmmakers put their left-wing ideology ahead of profit.

Simon & Schuster  had a contract to publish gay provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos's book Dangerous, but then backed out of it, because they considered it unacceptable—it was too gay and provocative. (Buy it anyway here—in the 21st century, publishers don't have the power they used to.)

A lawsuit has led to the entire manuscript, with editorial comments, being posted in the New York Court system as a PDF. A software engineer named Sarah Mei found this, hand has been posting screenshots of the editorial comments (See the thread here.)]

Here's the PDF


Sarah Mei writes

The editor is a conservative man who has published books for 45 & [I. E. Trump] other folks with similar opinions. You can see that in the occasional “good point” comments. But mostly he was very politely having NONE of Milo’s bullshit.

It’s glorious.

I'm sure he was conservative, but he's also the kind of conservative who says:


Thanks a lot, guy!

He's concerned about respectable opinion:

That's a reference to the "spirit cooking" scandal revealed by Wikileaks—Kevin Michael Grace discussed the evidence here. Respectable opinion is that it's not a scandal, and thus shouldn't be mentioned.

But the whole thrust of the comments—aside from normal editorial calls for citations, and claims that something "isn't a sentence" is a demand for more PC.

Now, in theory, no ethnic joke is irrelevant and superfluous in a manuscript called Dangerous, the whole point of which is to tell  people that it's okay to be funny, even if un-PC.  (Milo had written  a reference to "informing cab drivers that curry is not a deodorant".)

Finally, there's this:

What is this class of people who can't be labeled as "mentally ill" by a gay provocateur who supports Trump? Transsexuals.

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