VDARE.com's JAMES FULFORD: The MSM Wants To Lie To You. We Won't Let Them
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James Fulford writes: This is adapted from a talk I gave at VDARE.com’s “Uncancelled” Conference at the Berkeley Springs Castle in West Virginia. We’ll be posting more speeches, transcripts and videos of the other speakers, who include John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, James Kirkpatrick, Noah Arnold, and Paul Kersey.

I've been working for VDARE.com for about 20 years. As I once described in a Christmas Appeal For Starving VDARE.Com Writers, I won the Christmas competition for worst War On Christmas items in 2000 because I'm good at looking things up on the internet. It's the kind of mind I have, I don't know if it's twisted, or useful. And VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow said, “Can you do some writing for us for such and such a week?” And I said, “Oh, yes, I could, because I'm unemployed.” So now, this is what I do. A lot of bloggers do very good blogs. But their full-time job is being a law professor, or doctor. This is my real job.

And what I'm trying to do for VDARE.com amounts to fact-checking.

That is, if we say something, we can prove it. And what that means is that, if you are a Main Stream Media journalist who is not supposed to be reading VDARE.com, you can refer to it without quoting us.

I was just rereading how Stephen Miller had emailed someone who later got turned in by the SPLC a couple of links to VDARE.com stories. And this, according to his enemies, is perfectly vile.

One was a story about the Pope, who has a small country of his own, and while he's urging everyone in the world to take in refugees, took in just two refugee families himself. And another was about Temporary Protected Status.

Emailing these two links from VDARE.com was probably grounds for impeaching the president that Miller worked for—that was the theory of the New York Times. But Miller could have just emailed the links to the sources that we always provide, in square brackets like this: [Stephen Miller’s Sinister Syllabus, by Jamelle Bouie, November 15, 2019].

More recently, Steve Sailer has been talking about the Racial Wreckening on the roads since July of 2021. There are a lot of car crashes out there. Car crashes are caused by people driving too fast. We have police who are supposed to do traffic stops to discourage this. And it turns out that traffic stops became evil sometime in 2020. So they stopped happening.

And while Steve is one of the few people mentioning it, the story recently appeared on Tucker Carlson.

In fact, I wrote about the underlying problem back in 2003. Police do not necessarily stop blacks because they think that they're “Ridin’ Dirty” like the guy in the song. If you haven't heard that song, you are a better person than I am. It's a famous song with a black guy saying “All these policemen trying to catch me riding dirty,” and you see in the video that he's actually got illegal drugs and guns in his car. So stop complaining.

They see me rollin', they hatin'

Patrollin' and tryna catch me ridin' dirty

But it was tested with a speed camera pointed at a regular stretch of the highway and it turned out blacks do speed more than whites [The Racial Profiling Myth Debunked—The new numbers prove that there is no systematic police racism, by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal, Spring 2002]. And that is the simple explanation of why blacks are stopped more for speeding than whites: they speed more.

It's the same thing with school discipline. You have people whose older brothers and sisters are out there committing actual adult felony crimes. And the same people are getting disciplined more in school for doing what are actually, in many cases, adult felony crimes in school...but  the schools neglect to charge them.

All these are facts. And we're looking at these facts in a way that the MSM isn't, because the MSM has an official policy of not looking at and these facts.

The Washington Free Beacon did a story recently with charts, saying “Do the news media tend to suppress the race of a mass shooter if he’s black?”

Well, I knew that everyone knew that—we'd all seen it. Ann Coulter refers to it as Coulter’s Law: the longer it takes them to announce what color the person who did the shooting was, the more likely it is that it’s not going to be a white guy.

John Derbyshire just missed being involved in a mass shooting, because he was on the next train from the 1993  Long Island Railroad Massacre, which meant that there was a huge delay on the line.

But even back then all his neighbors said: "Oh, it must be a black guy. If it was a white guy, they would have told us."

It was in fact a black guy—a Jamaican immigrant named Colin Ferguson, motivated by hatred of whites, whose lawyer tried to use "black rage" as his defense.

We spend a lot of our time on this. One of our biggest story categories is Not Reporting Race, but the Washington Free Beacon, writing it up, obviously didn’t credit us—they don't know us!—they've never read us!

The "18th paragraph effect" is what Steve Sailer calls it. When you get to the paragraph, you find that the shooter's name was Quantavious Smith [laughter].

The New York Times writes about anti-Semitic violence in Paris, insinuating it’s associated with the far right, but turns out in the 18th paragraph, oh my goodness, it's a Muslim in Paris.

I have a physical copy of the AP Stylebook. It says you report race only when it's “relevant.” And it apparently it turns out that if someone is the first black president of a bank, or the first black chaplain in the Senate, that's relevant. But if they're the one hundredth, or two hundredth, or three hundredth, black armed robber, that's not relevant.

You saw this when a black TV guy gunned down two of his white colleagues (Alison Parker and Adam Ward, below) on camera.

Breitbart had a newsflash:

Black Reporter Suspected Of Executing Two White Colleagues On Live Television

And Jonathan Chait tweeted about it.

Chait is a guy writing for New York Magazine, who said how awful it was that these racists at Breitbart were tweeting this. No, the awful thing was the murders.

This is a phenomenon I've described as a Disgruntled Minority Massacre. It's not always black people. But here's what happens. Occasionally you get a workplace shooting by a black person who shoots up his mostly white coworkers or supervisors because he says that they're racist. And in these cases race does get reported, because the MSM will investigate the deceased to find out if it was a legitimate claim of racism.

For example, Omar Thornton shot eight people and then shot himself. Steve Sailer wrote about and I wrote about it, and the Manchester CT police, who investigated it, said “No, there wasn't really any racism.”

He was just imagining it. He got fired for stealing, which is probably racist.

This Disgruntled Minority Massacre thing is affected by a separate thing, which I call  the Leaded Law. Steve Sailer likes to call it Sailer’s Law Of  Mass Shootings.

It was discovered by another guy, I’m not going to  mention his name, because maybe he used his real name on his blog, which he hasn't kept up.

But what he said was that the more wounded than killed, it's more likely to be blacks, gangsters, people shooting each other because they're annoyed.

Whereas if there's more killed and wounded, it could be ISIS, or it could be a white or Asian person.

And it turns out that blacks have lower marksmanship skills. And this is a thing that we describe over and over again.

We also have a whole section on what we call the Immigrant Mass Murderer. And we have a tag on this. Some mass shootings are white people, but it's not that common. You also get Asians, like Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, you get Hispanics, you get Indians, you get people doing mass murder of their families.

A lot of this is related to the stress of being a “stranger in a strange land.” It’s not racism, it's certainly not our racism, that causes a Hispanic guy to go back to his workplace and shoot seven of his fellow employees. It's not our racism that caused the guy at Virginia Tech to shoot all those people. It's their racism, they're in a strange place. And they decide they hate everyone. And so they start killing people. And there are a lot of these cases. And because of what I've mentioned earlier, we've uncovered the facts and reported them over and over again, starting in the 90s—I think Peter Brimelow was writing about it in the 90s.

If you try to search for immigrant crime online, you'll get a lot of instances of crimes against immigrants, possibly by white people, frequently by other immigrants, because it's only the victim’s immigration status that is mentioned in the headline. For example, a Chinese legal immigrant, a young woman, was beaten to death with a pipe by a Mexican. And so she's an immigrant in the headline and the killing was done by, presumably, a “local man.”

Although there was one weird thing about this particular killing. The MSM eventually reported that the guy who did the murder was living, in his own twisted way, the American dream.

Cruz, another immigrant pursuing the American Dream, blamed his troubles on the alcohol and crack cocaine that buoyed him during his forced separation from his wife and child in Mexico.

[Mother confronts killer who brutally murdered her daughter with a metal pipe in random attack, by Thomas Zambito, Daily News, April 27, 2011]

And that “American Dream”  motif also occurred in stories about the Tsarnaevs, who blew up the Boston Marathon.

It's a tic. If you say "immigrant," you have to say “American Dream." Possibly they were really living the Chechen Dream, which is blowing people up.

And the  "American Dream" also occurred in a story about  a guy who kept three young woman in the basement for 10 years:

And Castro wasn't the only Hispanic sex criminal on that block, according to Ann Coulter.

At least they suggested this wasn’t the ideal way to pursue the American Dream.

The MSM has a sort of a sacred sense that minorities are never to be criticized. You're getting the actual facts from us.

I don't know what actually caused the coronavirus to emerge and spread. It could be the wet markets, it could be the lab, it could be a combination. One rumor was that someone had been selling the used bats from the lab to the local food market.

However, the main thing you need to know is that Chinese food culture is that it is insanitary to the last degree. The Chinese say about themselves that they will eat anything that flies except an airplane, anything with four legs except a table or anything that swims except a submarine.

And they do not have the latest and cleanest markets;  we know this because we have Chinatowns in our own cities.

Health inspectors go into Chinatown. And they don't like what they see. And sometimes they close it down.

And China is 100% Chinatown. There are lots of places in China that are bigger and cleaner than New York's Chinatown, or Toronto's Chinatown or wherever, but it's a general principle. And the point is, you can't say it because it's racist. You're also not supposed to say the China Virus came from China.

And you're also supposed to blame Trump for Chinese people getting punched in the street. Now, here we go back to our earlier thing about blacks and reporting: Who is punching Chinese people in the street? 100% of the punchers are black. I don't know of any of these instances in which it was actually a white person. The chances of the punchers having voted for Trump is quite low.

The chance of them having voted for anyone is quite low because in a lot of places you can't vote if you've been convicted of a felony. This is considered racist because people don't have any sense of history; the felony voting thing existed in parts of the South long before blacks were ever enfranchised [Historical Timeline: US History of Felon Voting / Disenfranchisement, ProCon.org, June 25, 2013].

So that is what we're doing here—getting you facts and ideas that you can't get elsewhere. And we're trying to support them with links and analysis. So that if you need to show them to someone, you don't have to show them this thing with the picture of the White Doe, or the castle or whatever it is. You can just show them what we’ve found in the New York Times.

An obvious example was when Trump came down the escalator and said Mexico is not sending their best.

And we had to explain to people who thought “Mexico isn't sending people!” that, yes, they are!—they have government departments to help people leave, government departments to support them once they're here in the U.S.!

Trump also said “they're rapists.” It simply never occurred to anyone in the MSM to ask if Mexicans were raping people. Where did Trump get this idea?

Well, he got it from reading Ann Coulter's great book Adios America. Or having it summarized for him—Peter Brimelow says as a financial journalist he never heard of the Chief Executive Officer of anything reading a book. However, the facts are there. Mexicans are much more rapey than Americans in general.

And if you wanted to  prove that you don't need to cite VDARE.com because we have frequently cited a respectable source for this, a Pulitzer Prize–winning story for the Washington Post called In Mexico An Unpunished Crime [by Mary Jordan, June 30, 2002]. It explained how, in parts of Mexico, you can get off a rape charge by marrying the girl. The 13th century is about the time Anglo-Saxons gave up the idea of marriage by rape. However, in parts of Chiapas, according to the Washington Post, that is still the attitude.

The people who were outraged that Trump should suggest that Mexican illegals are rapists apparently never thought to ask a Mexican feminist—the Mexican feminist movement is trying to stop this stuff—or a  Mexican police officer, a southwestern American police officer who works with Mexicans or any of that.

Now, we're going to continue doing this until we run out of pixels. As long as possible. Like I say, this is my job. And we're doing it for you. So you can have this information. Because there is a genuine conspiracy, for example the AP Style Book, the official idea from the regular press being that you're supposed to be lied to, to keep you from being racist.

We want people to have this information, including some of the people who got elected in 2016 and maybe in the future.

But this is not about elections.

It's about what's true.

James Fulford [Email him] is writer and editor for VDARE.com.

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