What Does VDARE.com Mean By A "Disgruntled Minority Massacre"?
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Previously: Alton Nolen Not A Muslim Terrorist, But An American Phenomenon—116 People, Mostly Whites, Have Been Killed By 18 Black “Disgruntled Employees” In The Last 40 Years

You’ve heard of “Going Postal”. Several different shootings by postal workers (mostly white) have set that in the American vocabulary. But have you ever heard of a “Disgruntled Minority Massacre”? No, because when a black commits a mass murder, he’s not identified in the press as black—except when he claims racism. VDARE.com lists Disgruntled Minority Massacres as another of its public services, like its listing of outbreaks of "Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome," with which Disgruntled Minority has some overlap e.g. Akouch Kashoual, below, was from Sudan, originally.

The phenomenon of “Going Postal”, or “Workplace violence” is usually said to be caused by a “disgruntled” employee. Many of these “disgruntled” employees are blacks who target their white or Hispanic co-workers. What disgruntled them? Racism. Not ours—theirs.

Blacks in America are taught to hate whites. Not just by their parents and clergymen, but by American schools. They feel, and express, hatred of white society without fear of criticism.

They also feel, and express, resentment at having to work for a living. Barack Obama, of all privileged people, said that when he had a regular job as a research assistant in an office in New York he felt “like a spy behind enemy lines. “

In 1930s New York, black hipster slang for a normal job was “Before-Abe”, according to black-identified white jazzman Mezz Mezzrow, who published a dictionary of black slang as an appendix to his 1946 memoir, Really The Blues. “Before-Abe: job (the implication being that a Negro’s employment is slavery, of the type that existed before Abe Lincoln.”

In Dinesh D’Souza’s 1995 book  The End Of Racism (pp. 97—99) D’Souza suggests that the lack of a work ethic in African-American society may be a genuine legacy of slavery. In the old Soviet Union, workers would say “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”

The cheap labor enthusiasts of the pre-Civil War “Slave Power” didn’t even pretend to pay their slaves, and as a result didn’t get much work out of them. Of course, there’s not a lot of enthusiasm for hard work in Africa, Haiti, or Jamaica, either.

Be that as that may, modern black employees tend to resist white authority, and react violently to be being fired, or even “dissed.”

While there might conceivably be some justification for a slave revolt like the one Nat Turner committed in 1831, there’s no excuse for the phenomenon of black employees coming into work and shooting up their work-place as in these cases listed below.

A definition of the “Disgruntled Minority Massacre” is that a black—or other minority—employee or co-worker reacts with crazed violence to normal workplace actions like being fired or disciplined.

The media does not make the same kind of fuss about who may have inspired him as they did in the case of Dylann Roof, because the answer is “they did”. And Obama did, and Eric Holder did, and a million grade school teachers teaching about racism did.

omarIn some cases they’ll even investigate the victims to see if they’re racist, as in the case of Omar Thornton (right) and the Vester Lee Flanagan case covered by Robert De Brus tonight. See No proof of racism at site of 2010 shooting rampage: police, Reuters, May 12, 2011 and CNN’s Sally Kohn Excuses Racist Virginia TV Killer as ‘Justified’ For Murdering White Reporters, RightWingNews.com, August 30, 2015.



The list below includes 131 killed and 31 wounded. Except for Salvador Tapia, a case I covered in 2003, all these killers are black. This list is incomplete—because it's not announced in the media when this happens.

If you know of other cases, write me at [email protected] and I'll update it.

UPDATE 2020: An additional 45 dead, 28 wounded, for a total of 186 dead, and 59 wounded. Two more of the killers are Hispanic, one Mexican, one Chicano.

Year Name Victims Disgruntlement


Anthony Ferrill

Killed 5 fellow employees, 4 white, 1 Hispanic


Racial discrimination, disputes with coworkers


Bampumim Teixeira

Killed two white doctors, husband and wife, in building where he had worked as concierge.



Martez Abraham

White supervisor, dead, black co-worker dead, police officer shot, saved by vest.

Fired for bringing knife to work.


Antwann Brown

5 coworkers wounded in mass stabbing

“Boss informed him that he was being let go.”


Michael Harpon, black immigrant to France

Four unarmed French police fatally stabbed in gun-free zone.

Workplace disputev


Dewayne Craddock

Shot 16 people in the local government building, killing 12, 9 of whom were white.

Violent scuffles with coworkers, disciplinary action.


Gary Martin

Five dead supervisors, coworkers, mostly white, five police wounded.

Had been fired.


Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez,

Mexican illegal attacked three coworkers on fishing boat, killing one. 2

Motive unknown, heroin addict with history of domestic violence.


Snochia Moseley

Killed 3, wounded 3, at Rite-Aid where she worked

Victims were mostly immigrants, from Nigeria, Nepal, and India.


Anthony Garcia

Four dead whites, including an 11 year-old boy.

Chicano doctor had been fired from medical center for horrible attitude.


Radee Ladeeb Prince

Shot five non-black fellow employees, killing three.

Motive unknown, but Prince had long, violent record.


Thomas Burns

Charleston kitchen employee shot white boss, took hostage.

Took over restaurant at gunpoint saying “I am the new king of Charleston.”


Henry Bello

Nigerian immigrant doctor killed one, injured six.

Had been forced to resign because of sexual harassment.

2016 Cedric Larry Ford 3 dead, 14 wounded. Fired from job.
2015 Vester Lee Flanagan 2 dead, both white. Disgruntled because of imagined racism: ”Alison made racist remarks.”
2015 Daron Dylon Wint 4 dead. Employee came to employer’s home, robbed, killed family.
2015 Calvin Esdaile, Jr. 1 dead. Angry that supervisor (a Malian immigrant) got job he wanted.
2014 Alton Nolen 1 dead, beheaded, 1 wounded. Muslim convert.
2011 Shareef Allman, 3 dead, 7 wounded, mostly Hispanic Employee, generally disgruntled.
2010 Akouch Kashoual 3 wounded, Hispanic. Employee, generally disgruntled, suicided.
2010 Johnny Wicks 1 dead, 1 wounded. Ex-Social Security employee, shot up courtroom.
2010 Omar Thornton 8 white dead. Fired for stealing, victims posthumously investigated (and cleared) for racism.
2008 Charles “Cookie” Thornton 5 white dead. Thought he wasn’t getting city contracts because of racism.
2006 Michael Julius Ford 1 dead, 5 wounded. Victims mostly Hispanic. Employee, generally disgruntled.
2004 Elijah Brown 5 dead, 2 wounded. Generally disgruntled.
2003 Emanuel Burl Patterson 4 dead, 1 wounded. Would-be employee, shot up a temporary help place.
2003 Salvador Tapia 6 dead. Fired Mexican immigrant—came back 6 months later, shot 6, mostly white.
2001 William D. Baker, 4 dead whites Fired from Navistar for stealing
2000 Robert Wayne Harris 5 dead, 2 white, 3 Hispanic Fired for masturbating in front of female employees
2000 John B. Taylor, accomplice Craig Godineaux 5 dead Wendy’s employees Ex-employee of Wendy’s, returned to rob and kill.
1998 Joseph L. Neale Jr. 5 wounded at City Council Meeting. Angry at being fired.
1996 Clifton McCree 5 dead, all white City employee, cited racism in note.
1996 Curtis Giovanni Flowers 4 dead—2 white women, one white teen, one black. Ex-employee of Tardy Furniture store
1993 Nathan Dunlap 4 dead whites. Employee, after hours robbery.
1990 Ernest Marvin Carter Jr 1 dead Ex-employee
1990 James Edward Pough Dead: 10 employees of GMAC Repossessed his 1988 red Pontiac
1987 David Burke 43(!) He shot four whites, but two of them were flying the plane he was on. Fired from airline for stealing—thought it was racial.
1973 William Ray Bonner 7 dead, 9 wounded Gas station ex-employee.


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