"Is Boston Like Columbine?" No, It's Like Chechnya
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From Slate:
Is Boston Like Columbine? 
Were the Tsarnaev brothers a “dyad” like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, with a charismatic leader and submissive follower?  
By Dave Cullen|Posted Friday, April 19, 2013, at 11:28 PM

My Twitter feed has been flooded with this theme today: The Tsarnaev brothers seem more like the Columbine killers than al-Qaida. 
Maybe. Either, neither, or it could easily be a combination. It’s way too early to know. The first thing I learned covering Columbine all those years was that most of the theories that gain traction this week will be wrong. 
But we do have an interesting situation developing with a pair of brothers as suspects: potentially, the classic dyad scenario. Notorious dyad examples include Bonnie and Clyde, Leopold and Loeb, and the D.C. snipers. The dyad tends to be a twisted, particular relationship that plays out very differently than the lone gunman or the terrorist team.

Since that idea is getting a lot of attention, let’s explore the “dyad” phenomenon and how dyads typically play out. 


And so forth and so on ...
I have a shorter diagnosis: They were Chechens acting particularly Checheny.
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