Tucker Carlson Takes On The Racial Wreckening On The Roads
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Tucker Carlson did a segment tonight on the remarkable surge in black traffic fatalities after George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, a subject I’ve been trying to bring to broader attention since June 8, 2021.

Below are Random Critical Analysis’ follow-up graphs to my posting on Monday Mary Pat Campbell’s graph of black and white road deaths since the 1960s by breaking out the data by age.

In the top tweet, 2019 is the graph on the left and 2020 on the right, with blacks in red and whites in blue(ish). The death rate for 20-something whites barely went up, but the death rate for 20-something blacks soared. This fits in with my hunch that black exuberance during the “racial reckoning” contributed to the high murder and road death numbers for 2020.

In the second tweet are the death rates by age for 2019 (red) and 2020 (blue) for blacks (left graph) and whites (right).

Deaths were up near 50% for 20ish blacks, vs. ~10% for young whites.

Interestingly, while whites have a problem with elderly white codgers getting themselves (and maybe other people) killed in traffic accidents, blacks do not.

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