The Fulford File | Alton Nolen Not A Muslim Terrorist, But An American Phenomenon—116 People, Mostly Whites, Have Been Killed By 18 Black “Disgruntled Employees” In The Last 40 Years
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From Alton Nolen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

Alton Nolen, above, was taken into custody after beheading Colleen Duffy and stabbing Traci Johnson, both white, in Moore, Oklahoma.

The beheading of a white woman in a Western state by disgruntled African-American employee who had been fired for proselytizing the Muslim religion and for advocating the stoning of women reminds us that not everything is terrorism.

Or to put it another way, in black-on-white crime everything is terrorism. This suspect is not an immigrant from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and he’s not involved in any external terrorist group. He’s a regular African-American man from a regular African-American family.[Mother of Muslim criminal who beheaded co-worker and stabbed another apologizes to his victims in online video... but adds 'there are two sides to every story', By Jill Reilly, Daily Mail, September 28 , 2014]

Because of the Main Stream Media policy of “Not Reporting Race”, we have no idea how many of the mass workplace shootings by disgruntled employees or ex-employees are actually committed by minorities, especially blacks.

There's been an effort to persuade people that this is "disgruntled employee" thing is an almost exclusively a white male activity, the same as there has been with serial killers.

For example Jezebel came out with an article saying Have You Noticed That White Dudes Keep Mass Murdering People?, to which we replied No, We've Noticed You Promoting It, and the Washington Post published a piece saying “White men have much to discuss about mass shootings.”. I replied that Yes, WASHINGTON POST, White Men Do Have “Much To Discuss About Mass Shootings”—Starting With Your Selective Reporting,. Ann Althouse said " I would have thought white men were the one group that American elite media does feel free to single out…". No kidding!

I noted a couple of years ago that the famous 1987 workplace shooting on an airplane mentioned in Gavin de Becker’s book The Gift of Fear was one that even I had only just learned involved a person of color—David Burke who crashed Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 1771, killing 43 people.

DIGIPIXIn the case of Omar Thornton (right) who was fired from a beer distributors in Connecticut and shot eight white people because he thought they were racist, the MSM did tell us that he was black—because the authorities made a posthumous attempt to investigate the victims for racism. [No proof of racism at site of 2010 shooting rampage: police, Zach Howard, Reuters, May 13, 2011]

Another such disgruntled shooter: Nathan Dunlap of Colorado, the Chuck E Cheese killer. That sounds comical (comedian Tracy Ullman had a character who married the “Wetwipe killer” on Death Row, and after the injection was looking to date the “Tastee-Freez Rapist”) but Dunlap committed a real and very serious crime: killing four people by shooting them in the head with a .25 caliber automatic in 1996.

In her column recently, in a discussion of John Hickenlooper’s general crapweaselness, Michelle Malkin reported:

Last month, Bob Crowell–father of 19-year-old murder victim Sylvia Crowell–blasted Hickenlooper for indefinitely delaying the execution of mass murderer Nathan Dunlap.[ Note: Disgruntled Chuck E. Cheese employee and mass shooter Nathan Dunlap is on our list of black mass shooters, a category many people don't believe exists.] When Hickenlooper confided in CNN that he might grant Dunlap clemency if he loses in November, Crowell didn’t mince words. “I think that’s the coward’s way out, and I view John Hickenlooper as a coward.”

Malkin was quoting from Murder Victim’s Father Calls Hickenlooper A Coward, Denver CBS, August 26, 2014.

Here is a picture of Nathan Dunlap, at the time of the shooting (1996)


Here's 19-year-old murder victim Sylvia Crowell's photograph, from the CBS story.


According to MurderPedia, Dunlap killed restaurant employees Colleen O’Connor, 17; Benjamin Grant, 17; Sylvia Crowell, 19; and night manager Marge Kohlberg, 50. He had been fired from the restaurant, and he came back and killed everybody there he could find, and stole three thousand dollars.

Via MurderPedia , we see that the disgruntled Dunlap only killed white victims:

The weak defense paled, too, in comparison to what the victims’ families said in court. They had been warned not to talk directly to the defendant, but they couldn’t help it. “Nathan Dunlap killed us all,” one of Margaret’s daughters said. “We just didn’t die.” Ben Grant’s mother phoned in—she’d left the state after her son’s murder—to say, “Maybe now you understand the fear that was in my son’s eyes when you pointed a gun at his head.” Dunlap sat quietly, listening, until Sylvia’s brother confronted him, saying that the murders were racially motivated (all of the victims were white). Then something in Dunlap broke, or broke more. He started to rave and rant in a three-and-a-half-minute monologue that left him sobbing uncontrollably, “Kill me right now. I have [had] enough of this motherf—ing sh-t. You can take me to the motherf—ing little chair and do what the f— you want.” Dunlap was given two death sentences for every life he’d taken.

The Politics of Killing, By Patrick Doyle and Natasha Gardner,, December 2008

But nothing has been done–Dunlap (see video below) is now twenty years older than he was when he committed the murders.

His continued existence is a miscarriage of justice.

According to CBS, Hickenlooper said, in part:

“The issue that a political campaign would make a human life into, you know, a political football is unacceptable, right? I think it would backfire tremendously on any candidate that did that. And I think if they did do that, and somehow they won there are obviously remedies that the governor can do. You know, I could give it a full clemency between Election Day and the end of the year.”

“Full clemency”? Does that mean Hickenlooper will actually let Dunlap go free? To punish Republicans for making the Dunlap case a “political football”, i.e. actually letting Coloradans vote on an issue of life, death, and justice?

In cases like this, it’s not really a black criminal is guilty. It’s the white liberal.

That’s what’s what was going on in the Willie Horton case. It was Michael Dukakis that the voters were angry with, not Willie Horton. Oh, nobody likes guys like Willie Horton. That’s why we have policemen to arrest guys like that. And why we have either prison guards to keep them inside, or executioners to put an end to their problems.

But what Dukakis was doing, and what Hickenlooper was threatening to do. is actually worse.

Remember, the political issue in the Horton case was not anger at a “black rapist” to use liberal reporter David Gregory's phrase—after all, Massachusetts cops and courts had dealt with him, giving him life without parole.

The political issue was anger at the “Greek midget” (to use Ann Coulter's phrase) who had let him out.

This is a specifically Democratic failing—as the Black Party, Democrats tend to act as if all law enforcement, including capital punishment, is racist. As the Party of the Left, they act as if law enforcement, including capital punishment, is oppression of the poor.

Herewith a list of disgruntled black employee or ex-employee killers, with death tolls.

Previously reported at

  • 1987—David Burke, 43 dead, disgruntled employee of Pacific Southwest airlines, shot his white supervisor, two a white stewardess, and two white pilots. This caused the deaths of everyone on the plane…
  • 1987—Hastings Arthur Wise, disgruntled ex-employee of R.E. Phelon Company, four dead, all white.
  • 1996—Clifton McCree, disgruntled ex-employee of the city of Fort Lauderdale, five dead, one wounded. “Clifton McCree, who was black, fired at least 13 bullets into an all-white group of parks employees Friday, then killed himself with a bullet to his head, police said.” Disgruntled worker cited racism in note, Killer's note says 'I'm glad I did it', The State, February 11, 1996
  • 2001—William D. Baker, disgruntled ex-employee (fired for theft) of Navistar International, killed four people, victims apparently all white.
  • 2010—Akouch Kashoual, disgruntled employee of Americold in Nebraska, shot three people, who were Hispanic, apparently, and then killed himself. A combination of Third World marksmanship (Kashoual was from the Sudan) and First World medicine meant that he was the only person who actually died.
  • 2010—Omar Thornton, eight dead, disgruntled ex-employee of Hartford Distributors. All victims white.

From the FBI Active Shooters report (which, significantly, doesn’t list race or nationality)

  • 2003—Emanuel Burl Patterson, disgruntled would-be employee of Labor Ready Inc. (it's a temporary help place) killed four others waiting for work, and wounded one. (Victims may have been black.)
  • Elijah Brown2004—Elijah Brown, disgruntled employee of ConAgra, in Kansas City, killed five people and wounded two others. Much Googling has been unable to come up with a definite race for Brown, or for his non-Hispanic victims. (I just refuse to believe that a guy named Elijah Brown who works in a ConAgra plant in Kansas City, Kansas is white).Update: A reader found a photograph, right.
  • 2006—Michael Julius Ford, disgruntled employee of Safeway went on a shooting spree in a Safeway warehouse in Denver, Colorado, killing one and injuring five before he was shot and killed by police. Victims mostly Hispanic.
  • 2010—Johnny Wicks, disgruntled ex-employee (on Social Security, so an ex-employee generally, but disgruntled over his Social Security compensation) shot up a Federal courtroom, killing a white security officer and wounding a white Federal Marshal, who survived.

From searches of MurderPedia, and the VPC, which is more concerned about “where they got their guns”:

  • 1973—William Ray Bonner, went on a shooting spree in the predominantly black Lennox area in 1973. (Seven dead—nine wounded.) But it started at the gas station where he had been employed. Victims presumably mostly black. Bonner still alive in prison.
  • 1990—Ernest Marvin CARTER Jr.disgruntled former employee of Oklahoma Auto Auction (fired sleeping on the job), crawled through a hole in a fence and cut the lights to the guard shack at his former employer. He then shot and killed 35 year old security guard, Eugene Manowski, and stole a wrecker.
  • 1990—James Edward Pough killed 10 employees of GMAC in 1990. He hadn’t been fired by GMAC—his 1988 red Pontiac had been repossessed.
  • 1996—Curtis Giovanni Flowers disgruntled former employee of Tardy Furniture store, Winona, Mississippi. Victims: two white women, one white teen, one black man.
  • 2000—-John B. Taylor , A former employee of Wendy’s, and accomplice Craig Godineaux. Committed the “Wendy’s Massacre” (with armed robbery) in New York. Victims: five Wendy’s employees of various ethnicities.
  • 2000—Robert Wayne Harris was fired from his job at a car wash in Texas for masturbating in front of female customers. He came back and killed five people, two white, three Hispanic. He also stole $4, 000. Details at Nicholas Stix’s site.
  • 2011—Shareef Allman, disgruntled employee of Lehigh Hanson's Permanente Cement Plant, killed 3, wounded 7, mostly Hispanic.

Total, including Dunlap’s five murders: a hundred and sixteen dead in mass hate killings by 18 “disgruntled” blacks since 1973.

Expect President Obama to address this in a major speech soon.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for


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