Colin Ferguson's Long Island Railroad Massacre (AKA Immigrant Mass Murder) Remembered
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Earlier: Derb Remembers Colin Ferguson: "If It Was A White Guy, They Would Have Told Us"

Hubert Collins, writing at American Renaissance, has a piece called Three Uneven Racial Films. I just want to mention one:

The Long Island Railroad Massacre 20 Years Later

A documentary about Jamaican Colin Ferguson’s anti-white rampage. The film does not shy away from the racial dynamic of the crime and highlights the black murderer’s psychopathic delusions. Unfortunately, the final third focuses on the supposed need for gun control. Available for free on Tubi.

Here some facts about the Long Island Railroad Massacre:

  • It was committed by black Jamaican immigrant Colin Ferguson, who targeted whites, specifically because he thought they were racist.
  • In gun control terms, Ferguson left the gun-controlled State of New York and travelled to another state where he bought a gun legally, after a waiting period, and smuggled it back, illegally.
  • The fact Ferguson was a Jamaican immigrant is mentioned in Alien Nation, as an example of the crimes of immigrants, which, as when Trump mentioned Mexican illegals' propensity for rape, made immigration enthusiasts go crazy.
  • Ferguson, of course, was literally crazy, as well as impelled by hatred against whites, but instead of this being treated as a hate crime, his lawyers William Kunstler and Ronald Kuby attempted to use it as a defenseclaiming he suffered from "black rage" syndrome.
  • A further gun control note: the widow of one of the white victims, Carolyn McCarthy, became  a crusader against the gun rights of (mostly) white people. She was elected to Congress as a Democrat on that basis, and served many years. If she’d crusaded against black violence, or against Jamaican immigration, she’d have got the kind of treatment we here at get.

One final fact: John Derbyshire rode the Long Island Railroad for years, and he was nearly on that same train.

He wrote in Chapter 6 of We Are Doomed:

I came home from work on the Long Island Railroad one day in December, 1993.  My train was right behind the one in which Colin Ferguson went berserk and shot 25 people [6 died].  We were held up for a long time, and there were no cell phones.

My poor wife was at home, watching news of the shooting on TV.  For all she knew, I might have been among the dead.  Kind neighbors came round to keep her company.  Telling me about it afterwards, she remarked: "They kept saying the same thing: 'It must be a black guy.  If it was a white guy, they would have told us ...'"


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