Eugene And Eugenics
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Eugene Volokh has a post on why he doesn't try to make Americans call him "Yevgeny," his birth name.

That reminds me of a 2002 post of his that probably influenced my article "Eugenics" Is What Happens When Cousins Don't Marry , and which I forgot to link to in that article:

[Eugene Volokh, 2:56 PM] EUGENICS: Since Instapundit brings up the subject of eugenics, I feel I need to chime in, because, well, I'm named Eugene. And the roots of the words are even the same.

OK, now that I've established My Superior Credentials, I have virtually nothing to add except one observation: People practice eugenics all the time. When you choose whom to marry and have kids with, and you select a smart partner even in part because you want to have smart kids (of course there are other reasons to choose a smart spouse, but in my book this is a big one), you're practicing eugenics — you're consciously trying to improve your children's genetic endowment.[More]

Emphasis in original. Also, I fixed the link. 2002 was so long ago in blog years  that Instapundit was blogging on a free account. But the point is the same point I made at greater length here—that it's not the concept of eugenics that's evil, it's the concept of eugenics under government control.
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