Disgruntled Minority Massacre: Shooter In Milwaukee Allegedly Black Employee Called Anthony Ferrill
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Law enforcement sources name a brewery employee named Anthony Ferrill as the shooter. Online journalist Matthew Keys has pics from social media. NewsOne.com says Ferrill's social media complained of "Racism", which is absolutely typical of a Disgruntled Minority Massacre.

Why do we have to wait for this information to be official? This 2015 Tweet has been called "Coulter's Law":

In a shooting like this, once it's been officially announced that the killer was black and committed the crime because of racism, police have been known to investigate the deceased to see if his complaint was grounded. See Omar Thornton's Victims Exonerated Of Racism, from 2011.

As Steve Sailer says below, "Welcome to the 2010s when murdered white men are considered guilty until proven innocent."

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