Michael Brendan Dougherty Thinks We're Either "Race-Obsessed" Or "Racist"—Actually, Unlike Him, We're Fact Obsessed
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Michael Brendan Dougherty, formerly of the American Conservative and now of  BusinessInsider.com, is one of those people who are always waffling about whether to betray the conservative movement or be betrayed by it. [Dear Conservative Movement: Stop Ruining My Life, by Michael Brendan Dougherty, | January 21st, 2010]

He's also the author of The Castaway, January 14, 2007, which a correspondent described as "that godawful piece on Sam Francis." It is; it's more like a postmortem than an obituary.

In his latest piece, Why Lots Of People Think The Media Is Wrong About The Trayvon Martin Case, [Business Insider,March 26, 2012], he smuggles our arguments and statistics into the MSM:

Some of the skeptics are just the normal race-obsessed and racist people on the internet.

This writer at VDare.com, has taken the occasion of this national discussion to bring up crime rates between races. Others on that site think that the crime-rate of blacks is very relevant to the discussion. And that by giving a public voice to this issue, the President of the United States is condoning the "lynching of George Zimmerman."

Thanks a lot for the links, much less for the characterizations.

Following that, there's a complete mess of corrections, where he tried to use some internet photographs which were visibly not of Trayvon Martin, but has since removed them. These are photographs that I had seen in emails, but had ignored as unlikely to be real. At VDARE.com, we're factists, not racists, and we try very hard not publish  anything that can't be checked.

See the Columbia Journalism Review's coverage of the "Michael Brendan Dougherty got played" scandal at Sourcing Trayvon Martin “Photos” From Stormfront |Not a good idea, Business Insider, By Ryan Chittum, March 26, 2012 02:48 PM.

However, Dougherty [Email him] does have one basic point—people don't believe the Main Stream Media, because people know the MSM lies.

If George Zimmerman had been beaten to death, the media would not be having this or any converation. The headline would have read

Neighborhood Watch Volunteer Dies After Confronting Teen

and race would not have been mentioned until Trayvon's defence lawyer said his client had been profiled by a racist who used "epithets."

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