A Reader Is Delighted By The Success Of VDARE Uncancelled
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Re: JOHN DERBYSHIRE Wants To GUSH About VDARE.com’s First Conference At West Virginia’s Berkeley Springs Castle

From: Sean Mitchell [Email him]

I was happy to read Derb gush over VDare Uncancelled, its first conference. As one who has attended many patriotic conclaves over the decades, I found the conference as inspiriting as did that normally flinty-eyed doomsayer.

The pictures that accompanied Derb’s article seemed a perfect encapsulation of its success:

  • that of Lydia Brimelow, charming and in command, giving new life to the words of one P. V. Maro from two millennia ago: dux femina facti!
  • to its right, two of VDare’s wisest elders, Derb and Peter Brimelow, and James Kirkpatrick, a spirited young achiever, embodying what the Historic American Nation’s enemies might call (in a sneer that can serve us as a badge of defiance): the “Old Contemptibles” and the "Young Deplorables."

Kudos to them and to all of those who helped make VDare Uncancelled a significant stride forward in the most consequential of American campaigns yet: the enabling of our posterity’s survival and its flourishing in the centuries to come.




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