Immigrant Mass Murder Averted: St. John The Divine Gunman Was Illegal From The Dominican
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Ann Coulter has proposed a rule that that the longer it takes the authorities to reveal the gunman's name and picture, the less likely it is to be an Angry White Male.

It's on as Coulter's Law.

In the recent case of a mad gunman with a red, white and blue facemask being shot outside the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, I tried to find out,  his race and found that pictures of his hands and obscured face looked white or whitish, but that police weren't saying, even though they found his wallet with his name in it on his body. They wanted, for some reason, to send his fingerprints in before they'd give his name.

Well, we now know he's 52-year-old Luis Vasquez, from the Dominican Republic.

Luis Vasquez, 52, was arrested on the Upper West Side for attempted murder in 1990, and on an assault charge there a year earlier, sources said Monday.

In the first case, Vasquez was accused of firing a gun at police and an unidentified woman on Aug. 21, 1990, according to sources.

State prison records show he was sentenced to three-to-nine years after pleading guilty to a lesser felony weapons possession charge.

He was released but rearrested on a drug charge in 2007 and turned over to immigration authorities in November of that year.

Vasquez is a native of the Dominican Republic. His travel visa from the country expired on Sunday, sources said. 

 St. John the Divine Cathedral shooter ID’d, had attempted murder charge,  by Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, NY Post, December 14, 2020 

I'm convinced that MSM sources use "native of" as a way of avoiding the use of the word "immigrant" in immigrant crime stories, like, say child rape, or attempted murder.

It's used when they're the criminal, not when they're the alleged victim.  You won't see a headline saying "Police Disproportionately Targeting Natives Of Mexico".

As for him being an illegal immigrant, not only is he on an expired visa, but as a deported felon, it was illegal for him to get that visa, and he could have been prosecuted for obtaining it. [Police: NY cathedral gunman had expired travel visa, previously busted for attempted murder and shooting at cops , by Jenna Curren, Law Enforcement Today, December 15, 2020]

Mind you, his illegal status isn't the only thing that's wrong here—immigration from the Dominican Republic has resulted in gunfire in New York many, many times in the past even when it was legal, including previous gunfire from this same individual, who was probably legal in the '90s.

It's possibly he was yelling "Shoot me" when he was shot, indicating suicide by cop, but he had real guns and many more weapons, gasoline can, knives and rope. The number of people he could have killed in a cathedral with the gasoline can is very large, although presumably smaller because of Social Distancing.

Below, left, a fairly good gun, right, a bad gun (in the sense of ineffective) and the gasoline can and rope, etc, via the NYPD and the Daily Mail.

So this is one Immigrant Mass Murder that didn't happen, but remember, many more do, and they're never called that by the press.

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