Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Update: Total Deaths/Wounded: 581 killed, over 1500 Wounded, As Of June 2017
July 21, 2017, 10:49 AM
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I've just updated one of the pages on our FAQ—the page called "What Is Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome?"

I wrote a piece on Immigrant Mass Murder called Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Update: 556 Killed, Over 1500 Wounded In North America Alone As Of June 30, 2016 (And We’re Not Counting 9/11), and I've just added some updates:

UPDATE, June 2017—an additional 25 deaths, 29 wounded.

This includes the story about Salvadoran immigrant Salvador Vasquez-Oliva,who allegedly killed an entire family, typical MSM story:
California Man Allegedly Murdered Family-of-Four — Including 2 Kids — with ‘Blunt Force Instrument’

By Christine Pelisek, People, March 27, 201

I missed that one—didn't blog about it when it happened, because of course they're trying not to report it. You know, "California Man", "Sacramento Man", etc. There's a very large number of these killings, more than I have recorded here, and it only occasionally surfaces when something like Virginia Tech or Orlando happens.

Here are the earlier cases:

556 murders, over 1500 wounded.