IHOP Shooter Confirmed As Mexican Immigrant
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Eduardo Sencion, Hispanic IHOP ShooterEduardo Sencion, the man who "opened fire on a table of uniformed National Guard members at an Nevada IHOP restaurant killing five people, including himself, and wounding seven others," has been confirmed as a Mexican immigrant. Stories mention that he was born in Mexico, but had a US Passport.

"Sencion was born in Mexico and had a valid U.S. passport. In interviews with investigators after the shooting, his family raised concerns about his mental health. Sencion worked at his family's business in South Lake Tahoe and had no criminal history."[IHOP gunman Eduardo Sencion had mental issues, says family, CBS NEWS, Septermber 7, 2011]

The normal way of putting that would be to say that he's a Mexican immigrant, but the MSM will go to any lengths to avoid that, especially in a case of what  we call "Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome."

A search for american citizen Eduardo Sencion in Google news comes up with nine stories, one of which calls him a "Mexico native." 

A search for eduardo sencion immigrant turns up two stories, one of which is a blog that has its facts wrong, and one of which is the CBS news story above,which doesn't actually use the word immigrant.

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