Esteban Santiago, Florida Shooter, Being Reported As (A) "White Hispanic" and (B) American Citizen
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A gunman reported as being captured after shooting up an airport in Fort Lauderdale is being reported as a "White Hispanic":

A Daily Mail story identifies him as "26-year-old Esteban Santiago, of New Jersey. "

A link on Drudge refers to him as "26, MALE, AMERICAN BORN IN NJ... DEVELOPING..."

The link doesn't seem to say that, although it may be in the video.

Now there is such a thing as a white Hispanic, although George Zimmerman wasn't one. A white Hispanic is someone of Spanish descent, like Marco Rubio, or someone Spanish and other white descent, like Ted Cruz, Vicente Fox, and Salma Hayek.

But both assertions are symptoms of disease of denial of immigrant crime, and/or immigrant mass murder. They tried the same thing with Omar Mateen, the Afghani Muslim who shot up the Orlando Pulse nightclub—he was "American-born" too.




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