Yes, John McCain Needs Prayers—Because Of His Disgusting Treatment Of Jason Richwine
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According to POLITICO's Katelyn Fossett,

There was something different about the torrent of grief, well-wishes and wistful anecdotes that greeted John McCain when his staff announced late Wednesday night that the Arizona senator had been diagnosed with brain cancer.
Five Stories That Show Why People Love John McCain, July 20 2017. Emphasis added.

I have to say that this "torrent of grief" is not yet evident among immigration patriots, who have long been, ahem, skeptical about McCain's politics and even his much-touted war record.

Personally, I have reason to sympathize with any cancer victim. But in McCain's case, I can't forget his gloating reaction to the Heritage Foundation's cowardly firing of Jason Richwine, co-author of its report exposing the disastrous economic consequences of McCain's Gang of Eight Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, as quoted in yet another MSM puff piece:

The Washington Post reported that a co-author of the Heritage paper had written a Harvard dissertation on the subject of I.Q. and immigration. He had argued that the United States should base its immigration policy on immigrant I.Q., and that such a policy would advise against letting more Hispanics into America. [In fact, Richwine advocated a race neutral IQ selection system].

McCain could hardly contain himself as he recited the story of how the Heritage report backfired. “Ka-boom!” he yelled. “That was a gift from God.” Heritage’s longtime president, Edwin J. Feulner, recently retired and was replaced by Jim DeMint, a former Republican senator and a leader of the Tea Party movement. McCain argued that Heritage, one of the most important institutions in the history of American conservatism, had marginalized itself. He shook his head. “But, yeah, those low-I.Q. Hispanics, I’ll tell ya, that was really revealing to me, I had no idea!” McCain, who is of Irish heritage, added, “We’ve always known that about the Irish.”

Getting To Maybe| Inside the Gang of Eight’s immigration deal, by Ryan Lizza, New Yorker, June 24, 2013

Put aside the vulgarity and stupidity of McCain's comments (Richwine's Harvard (!) dissertation, written years earlier and of which Heritage was perfectly well aware, was well within settled science and anyway played no role whatever in the Heritage report's argument—and, for the record, McCain is actually Scotch-Irish).

What's really disgusting to me was McCain's utter callousness. Despite our vast difference in age, Richwine and I both have small children, which perhaps makes me particularly sensitive. But because of a PC witch-hunt, which McCain gleefully endorsed, an innocent man and his little family, of which he is the sole support, have had to endure years of unemployment. (Recently, Richwine has begun to publish through the Center for Immigration Studies, a development we have noted with pleasure and some surprise).

McCain, in contrast, is a very wealthy man—because he dumped the wife who waited for him when he was a POW and married an heiress.

I recently quit my terminally corrupt ECUSA and so have no house of worship in which to pray for John McCain.

But he needs prayers.

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