Immigrant Mass Murder Confirmed In Incident At Illegal Jamaican Restaurant In LA
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In Mass Shooting (3 Dead) At Illegal Jamaican Restaurant In LA, LA TIMES Not Very Informative  I wrote that the shooting took place at Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen, an illegal restaurant in Los Angeles, but I couldn't confirm who the shooters were—although they were still at large, the LA Times wouldn't say they were black.
Adams shooting that left 3 dead and 12 wounded

By Joel Rubin, LA Times,

Two suspects were arrested early Sunday in connection with a shooting at a popular Jamaican restaurant in Los Angeles that left three people dead and 12 others wounded, police said.

Police tracked down Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, both Jamaican nationals, at area hospitals where they had sought treatment for gunshot wounds, said Los Angeles Police Capt. Peter Whittingham.

Eyewitness accounts and other evidence, including videos, led police to the men, Whittingham said. They are expected to be booked on murder charges.

The two men are suspected of taking part in a gun battle that erupted after an initial shooting at a house in the 2900 block of Rimpau Boulevard, out of which the owner runs an informal eatery.

In the first volley of gunfire about 12:30 a.m. Saturday, a man was shot and killed after being confronted by two others in what was probably a dispute over a drug deal gone bad, Whittingham said.

With dozens of people at the house celebrating a birthday, gunfire then erupted between two groups, one associated with the man who had been killed and the other backing the two men who confronted him, Whittingham said.

Police responding to the scene encountered chaos as panicked partygoers scattered in fear and the wounded lay bleeding. Three people were pronounced dead at the scene and 12 others were transported to hospitals. Three of the wounded were in critical condition. [More,emphasis added.]

Look, if either a white criminal or a white police officer had shot these two guys (instead of them doing the shooting) they would be described as Jamaican immigrants. The Jamaican "nationals" thing in MSM reports seems to be another euphemism by people who don't want to associate immigrants with crime.

The "informal eatery" mentioned above, Dilly's Jamaican Kitchen, is an illegal restaurant,  serving food with no food license, liquor with no liquor license, and where drugs are publicly smoked. The previous LA Times story called it "unpermitted"—another euphemism.

Here's a segment of a restaurant review from a local member of the African-American (not Jamaican) community:

 Dilly’s Jamaican Kitchen………..

jamaicangrillSo my buddy Big Ray kept telling me about this spot called Dilly’s that served Jamaican food.I was like ok you have sum kool spots let’s hit it up.Ray was like,“ i want you know it’s a house not a restaurant. I was like ooh shit this should be good.

As i arrived at this house in west LA it looked like something outta Belly or Shottas. [Hood movies with violence.] Men in the yard smoking herb and drinking, he had 2 smokers going on by the front door and the walk way was built into the garage area which leads to a extended restaurant style additional kitchen. Dilly himself wasnt much for words at first because he lets his food do the talking. [More]

The movie Shottas is a Jamaican gangster movie taking place in Kingston, Jamaica, and (because of US Immigration policy) in Miami, Florida. Here's a clip of the restaurant scene, which may dramatize what happened in Los Angeles, although this one is in a legal American restaurant:



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