A Reader Remembers A MUCH Earlier Immigrant Mass Murder
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Quadruple Murder In DC Apparently BOTH Immigrant Mass Murder And Disgruntled Minority Massacre

From: Delmar Jackson [Email him]

I want to thank James Fulford for his efforts in tallying Immigrant Mass Murders of the last 40 years. The MSM has a Narrative that whites are more likely to be multiple murderers than non-whites, while Mr. Fulford's accounting shows a different story when you take into account the percentages and not the overall numbers.

I wanted to let your readers know if you go back farther than 40 years there are some horrific multiple murders committed by non-white immigrants against whites. One of the most surprisingly little-known is the seven white people butchered in Frank Lloyd Wright’s house in 1914 by an black immigrant cook from Barbados employed by Wright.

justice26n-8-web[1] Cook massacres seven at Wisconsin home Frank Lloyd Wright built for his mistress |Julian Carlton served guests meal, bludgeoned them with hatchet and lit house afire. Architect's mistress and two children among the dead, By Mara Bovsun, New York Daily News, January 25, 2014
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