IT’S ON! Ruling Class Can’t Hide Hatred For Historic American Nation. Trump Campaign Has Noticed
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Democrat/ Main Stream Media elites just can’t hide their hatred for the Historic American Nation. Most recently, CNN talking heads cackled over the supposed ignorance of President Trump’s Middle American base. Failed GOP political consultant Rick Wilson derided them as “boomer rubes,” echoing Hillary Clinton’s notorious “deplorables” comment. The CNN panel epitomized the Ruling Class view. They have learned nothing from 2016 and want the next Democrat to run on Clinton’s “deplorables” message. Their hatred outweighs their political wisdom. And they will pay.

Recall what Clinton said about Trump supporters at a New York homosexual fundraiser in September 2016.

You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. …

The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. ... Now, some of those folks—they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.[Transcript Of Hillary’s Remarks at “LGBT For Hillary” Gala, By Katie Reilly,, September 10, 2016

Clinton’s imprudent comments shocked most Americans and possibly cost her the election. But some commentators, such as virulent anti-white racist Ta-Nehisi Coates, agreed with her [Hillary Clinton Was Politically Incorrect, but She Wasn't Wrong About Trump's Supporters, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic, September 10, 2016].

But it turns out, amazingly enough, that the Leftist commentariat learned nothing from Clinton’s defeat. It can’t help your candidate to call half the country’s voters morons and racists. However, that didn’t stop CNN’s Lemon and his guests.

And it hasn’t stopped anyone else:

  • The New York Times editorial board try to goad Sen. Bernie Sanders into a similar suicidal statement last month. To the board’s dismay, Sanders didn’t take the bait. But he took enough of it.

“Tens and tens of millions of Americans feel that the political establishment, Republican and Democrat, have failed them,” Sanders responded to Affirmative Action hire Brent Staples [Tweet him] who asked whether Trump is the “symptom of a widespread problem.” But “maybe The New York Times has failed them, too” Sanders amusingly added.

“That explains the appeal of racism?” Staples responded.

Sanders dodged him, and said economic anxiety animated most Trump voters. But the socialist did say he did not want the votes of Trump’s “anti-immigrant” and “racist” supporters. [Bernie Sanders Interview, by the Editorial Board, January 13, 2020].

The communist apologist might sound better than Clinton here, but he has demonized white Americans before. A President Sanders, he said last August, will “go to war against white nationalism.” He has characterized many of Trump’s sensible views about immigration as racist [Bernie Sanders vows to go to 'war with white nationalism and racism' as president, by Justin Wise, The Hill, August 18, 2019].

And many Sanders supporters are worse than Clinton on the subject of Trump voters.

With a series of undercover videos, Project Veritas recently showed that many of Bernie’s field organizers are avowed communists who want to put Trump supporters in gulags and execute property owners. “Guillotine the rich,” they openly say, with promises of burning cities and dead cops if Sanders loses the nominating contest or general election.

Even liberals won’t be safe in Sanders’ America. They “get the wall first,” one said.

If Trump field organizers had advocated Nazi concentration camps, it would be the No. 1 news story in America for a month. But, as you’d expect, the MSM has ignored the videos, and the staffers are still working for Sanders. Some of these people would get jobs in a Sanders Administration. That should terrify any American patriot with a functioning brain.

And it’s not just no-name organizers. Many of Bernie’s prominent supporters share this hatred for white America.

In early January, a viral video suggested that Biden is proud of this country’s European heritage and foundational culture. However, the full video shows that Biden actually thinks the opposite:  that our heritage is corrupting, and “our English jurisprudential culture, our European culture” is actually abusive toward women [Watch Full Version of Deceptively Edited Joe Biden Clip Discussing ‘Our European Culture’, by Tommy Christopher, Mediaite, January 2, 2020].

Biden now blames “white man’s culture” for many problems in America and believes it must change. When he announced his presidential bid last April, Biden praised Antifa and declared that America is only an idea, just like the neocons, a falsehood that delegitimizes the Historic American Nation by pretending it doesn’t exist.

  • Pete Buttigieg believes “white supremacy” is the “greatest risk of ending the American project.” Whites didn’t create America, Buttigieg believes, but instead are its greatest threat. "Look if you think about it, white supremacy is the thing beneath the surface of American life that has come closest to ending American life,” he told black radio host Charlamagne tha God in September. His generation must dismantle “systemic racism” to save America, he averred [Pete Buttigieg Says White Supremacy, Systemic Racism Pose The Greatest Risk Of Ending the American Project, by Alexandra Hutzler, Newsweek, September 6, 2019].
  • Elizabeth Warren regularly rants about “systemic racism” and claims that slaves, not whites, built our country [Warren has a plan to win support from black women, by Errin Haines, Associated Press, November 23, 2019].

In November, Fauxcahontas released a comprehensive plan to attack “white nationalism.” Warren would strip many political dissidents of their gun rights, put all hate-crime investigations in the hands of federal bureaucrats, classify white nationalist groups as terrorists, and impose a massive “anti-racist” re-education program in American schools. The plan also implied that many Trump supporters are “white nationalists” [Elizabeth Warren ties guns, Trump and domestic terrorism together in her plan to fight white nationalism, by Yelena Dzhanova, CNBC, November 19, 2019].

Top white Democrats embrace this explicitly racist message to appeal to their anti-white base and to appease anti-white and non-white journalists. The Democratic alliance is, as calls it, a coalition of the fringes: Jews, blacks, Hispanics, feminists, and homosexuals. The latest addition: Drag queens. Who knew?

Significantly, even white liberals respond to this anti-white messaging. Through the last 10 years, surveys show, white liberals have grown more extreme in their views. They want more immigration and more diversity. They fret about “hate.” They’re the lone group that views their own race negatively. So when white Democratic presidential candidates demonize white Americans, particularly Trump voters, they express the views of their fellow white liberals [America’s White Saviors, by Zach Goldberg, Tablet, June 5, 2019].

Journalists, of course, push Democrats to think white people are inherently bad. Just a few days after the Don Lemon segment, CNN published a story that attacked the Trump administration for lacking diversity on its coronavirus response team [Coronavirus task force another example of Trump administration's lack of diversity, by Brandon Tensley, CNN, January 30, 2020]. Laughably enough, whites are assumed incapable of handling international crises without the help of non-whites.

Likewise, several prominent journalists want Democrats to wage open war against white America.

  • Mother Jones writer Kevin Drum called for Democrats to win America’s new “race war” against the Historic American Nation. “Reactionary American whites, as always, won’t give up their power unless it’s taken from them by either a literal or figurative war,” he wrote.
  • The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer (the anti-white son of a white Foreign Service professional and black museum curator ) has popularized the phrase “the cruelty is the point” to suggest that white Trump supporters are vicious beasts who cannot be reasoned with and must be taken out of power [The Cruelty Is The Point, by Adam Serwer, The Atlantic, October 3, 2018].
  • After the 2016 election, Jamelle Bouie, now at The New York Times, declared there was no such thing as a good Trump voter—they all voted for a “racist who promised racist outcomes” and don’t deserve  “empathy”. [There’s No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter, by Jamelle Bouie, Slate, November 15, 2016].
  • In 2018, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg gleefully argued that Leftists can replace the Historic American Nation: “America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power, terrified at being swamped by a new multicultural polyglot majority…American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced.”

Journalists have spilled an ocean of pixels to claim brazenly that the Great Replacement is a racist conspiracy theory, even as they openly advocate it.

Unfortunately for the Left, the open psywar against white Trump voters is backfiring. The Trump campaign has already turned the CNN segment into a powerful ad.

Don’t know, to be honest, if Trump deserves this. But by insulting white America, as with its maniacal immigration enthusiasm, our Ruling Class is setting itself up to let him rally white voters on Election Day.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.


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