Graphing the Great Awokening
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Zach Goldberg has been tweeting out a number of trend charts of media pushing over time various woke hobbyhorses. Unfortunately, it took him awhile to refine his methodology, so this is his best one yet. Here he is looking just at how many articles appeared in the New York Times in a year that mentioned the word “racism.” One peak was around 1990, which I remember well, and then the second is in this decade.

The recent low point was 2011 with only 291 articles about racism. And then growth accelerated through 2017, with growth slowing in 2018, the last dot. By 2018, there were 2,353 articles about racism.

One problem is he doesn’t have a count of the total number of articles in the New York Times each year.

Something to keep in mind is that the NYT figured out a while ago that it could cheaply generate a lot of clickbait content without sending out expensive foreign correspondents to Rangoon or wherever. Instead, it could just pay its intersectional interns to generate cheap content in genres that they would obsess over for free anyway, like “The White Patriarchy Is Trying to Erase My Hair.”

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