Kathy Shaidle Asks What Turned Formerly "Color-Blind" Americans "Racist" Enough To Vote For Trump? Could It Be...Obama?
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In a Takimag  article called Fifty Shades of Hate [November 22, 2016]  Kathy Shaidle, who lives in Toronto, starts her story with the anonymous "racist" flyers Steve Sailer blogged about recently, which direct Torontonians to various Alt Right sites, not including VDARE.com. (As usual, the media and police are treating Alt Right speech as a crime—that's why it's anonymous.)

Now, a lot of conservatives were eager to write off this flurry of “hatred,” including a rash of anti-Semitic graffiti in Toronto and elsewhere, as stunts staged by desperate “progressives” to advance their losing narrative. And yes, tons of “hate crime” hoaxes have been exposed across the U.S. since Hillary’s election loss. Leave it to Canadians to imitate this pathetic Yankee fad, eh?

These conservatives may very well be right that this “hate wave” is simply a series of political soccer dives.

But what if they aren’t?

Before I elaborate, first permit me to shit on another popular postelection talking point:

Even leftist heroes like Michael Moore and Jon Stewart have scolded their comrades for pushing the “Trump voters are all racists” meme. Both men express incredulity that citizens in the roughly 200 counties that voted for Obama twice suddenly turned “racist” this year. Conservatives are expressing “strange new respect” for both men.

But I can’t help thinking:

What if they actually did?

I mean: What if eight years of Obama’s affirmative-action incompetence, arrogance, and antiwhite animus turned some formerly color-blind Americans racist?

We’ve all noticed that black vs. white racial animus has increased dramatically during the reign of the great “healer” Barack. So why can’t we take this observation to its logical conclusion and admit that antiblack feelings must have increased too, and that this was surely reflected in votes for Trump? (Or, more accurately, against Black Lives Matter enabler Hillary Clinton.)

I didn’t say “celebrating.” I said “admitting.”

Why not presume some of these “racists” are guilty until proven innocent, as it were? Why are we poo-pooing the very notion of increased “racism” when that gives us another thing to blame on Obama?

This is the picture of Obama on CNN in a positively lethal split-screen.

What he's doing is preaching a sermon after a Missouri Grand Jury found that that Darren Wilson had been falsely accused, and that the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" thing was all a lie.[ Remarks by the President After Announcement of the Decision by the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri, November 24, 2014]

Michelle Malkin wrote

Obama delivered a tepid, obligatory acknowledgement that "our police officers put their lives on the line for us every single day." But he sandwiched it between a finger-wagging admonition that cops need to "show care and restraint" and a pandering discourse justifying the "deep distrust" that "communities of color" have toward law enforcement because of the "legacy of racial discrimination in this country."

Note: Multiple African-American witnesses told the panel that teen Michael Brown, suspected of robbing a local market, charged Officer Darren Wilson before his shooting death. The grand jury concluded that there was no probable cause for indicting Wilson after considering hundreds of pages and scores of hours of witness and expert testimony.

Yet, Obama's first priority was to dwell on racial injustice against "communities of color," and his first instinct was to warn police officers to restrain themselves.

Only after expending 756 words on the need to "understand" the "problem" that "communities of color" have with police did Obama address the thugs of color "throwing bottles" and "smashing car windows" and "using this as an excuse to vandalize property" in the name of social justice.

And Hillary, as Kathy Shaidle notes, was just as bad, bringing the mothers of attempted cop-killers on stage at the DNC,  Trump brought the mothers of murder victims on stage at his rallies.

After five cops were killed by a Black Lives Matter gunman in Dallas, Hillary doubled down on Black Lives Matter talking points:

The New York Times wrote Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Strike Different Tones After Dallas Shooting and Ann Coulter wrote Hillary To Dead Cops—You Deserved It.

So, yes, it's possible that white Americans suffered an increase in "racism", but of course, they and Trump both would have to move light-years in that direction to match the racial animus of Obama and his base.


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