Joe Biden's Steve King Moment: In 1975, He'd Defend Western Europe Because Of “Strong Cultural, Ethnic, And Hereditary Ties”—While Throwing Asians Under The Bus
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Earlier: An Interview: Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., 1975, In A Format You Can Read

In Joe Biden's recently resurrected 1975 interview, he talks about foreign policy. The Democrats having just thrown the former Republic of Vietnam under the Communist bus after Watergate, Biden wanted to push Korea after it.

But he was willing to defend the State of Israel...and Western Europe. Biden said

But what I'm getting at is that, in this situation, we have very little choice—the policy consideration I believe we should go through would be vitiated by the circumstances. When we are talking about commitment of American lives and money, we should be saying, "What is our self-interest here?” Not simply an altruistic reason—we're here to "save" democracy, for instance. We should be asking, "How does it affect America and American lives?” There are at least three primary self-interest considerations: (1) self-interest in terms of physical security; (2) economic self-interest: and, (3) moral self-interest.

Physical security hasn't been a big problem for a while, but economic security certainly is a current problem. Are we having our markets cut off, creating an adverse impact on the domestic economy? When we have a trillion dollar Gross National Product, exports of 195 billions, then we are interlocked around the world, like it or not. An example of the moral self-interest would be the fact that we cannot renege on our commitment to Israel. The repercussions domestically would be tremendous if we allowed Israel and two million Jews to be pushed into the sea. The same holds true for western Europe—we have strong cultural, ethnic, and hereditary ties there…everything from mothers and fathers who still live there, to our whole inheritance of a jurisprudential system. We simply can't let it "go down the tube.” But these are the things, the real things, we should be considering.

The fact that America has "strong cultural, ethnic, and hereditary ties" to Europe is one of the things Rep. Steve King has been criticized for. See Steve King says he was just defending ‘Western Civilization.’ That’s racist, too, by David Perry and Matthew Gabriele, Washington Post, January 15, 2019. Suggesting that America's jurisprudential system is "Anglo-American" is one of the things Jeff Sessions was attacked on. See Senator Schatz Outraged to Hear That America Has an "Anglo-American Heritage of Law Enforcement".

Fortunately for Biden's hopes of winning the nomination of the new, woker, blacker Democratic Party, he's given up on  the whole "jurisprudential system" thing. See Biden Condemns "English Jurisprudential Culture, A White Man’s Culture. It’s Got To Change”.


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