Bernie Field Organizers Rave About Gulags, Riots, And Re-Education Camps. Will Conservatism Inc. Do Anything But Complain?
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The main unreported story in the Main Stream Media over the last few years is the radicalization of the American Left. It's unreported because the main driver of this radicalization is journalism itself.

Antifa violence, repressing speech, and lawfare have all been enthusiastically defended by journalists. Defending power and repressing speech is all journalism consists of today. They’re Narrative Police and their job is to lie for the System.

How will journos handle #Expose2020? James O'Keefe has struck again, showing Bernie Sanders’s organizers are as extreme as the most paranoid conservative could have imagined. 

The videos are out there for all to see.

This is no surprise to anyone who has dealt with campus leftists. They are quite willing to tell you that you should be killed, that all conservatives are Nazis, and that any means are justified to achieve equality. 

But... will anyone care? Keep in mind Alt-Right groups were investigated, prosecuted, and forcibly shut down for far less. The difference is that the MSM, a political actor in its own right, actively supports the objectives of these Sanders organizers. 

When Inauguration Day was marred by riots and violence, journalists cheered. When Republican Steve Scalise was shot, they played it down. When MAGA meetups were threatened with shootings, no one cared.

If history is any indication, the Trump Administration and the Department of Justice won't care. In fact, they've worked directly with antifa groups to prosecute the president's own supporters. President Trump then rewarded the U.S. Attorney who undertook this effort by nominating him to the U.S. District Court [President Trump Bungles Again, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 19, 2019].

I'm sure there will be plenty of talking heads expressing outrage about these Sanders organizers on Fox News tonight. 

But to all you staffers still in the Beltway Right, and I know you’re reading me, keep in mind that if these same antifa raving about "gulags" called your boss to complain you are a "racist," or were "linked" to "racists," or even knew about forbidden "racist" books, they'd fire you within the hour

The terrifying thing about this video is not that these guys are the real face of the Democratic Party. We already knew that. 

The terrifying thing is that these are the people to whom the conservative movement has granted veto power over all personnel and policy decisions. These are the people Mitt Romney proudly supported. These are the type of people the Trump DOJ have worked with. 

If that doesn't scare you, nothing will. The hour’s late. This isn’t a game. It’s time to step up and help us build a true nationalist movement. If we can’t… well, we can’t say we weren’t warned.  

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