NEW YORK TIMES’ Boylan Calls “Robo-Call” Protesting Tessa Majors' Death "The Worst Thing I Ever Heard"
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[Previously: “Not Looking Good: Main Stream Media, New York Authorities, Retconning Tessa Majors Murder Like They’ve Retconned Central Park Rapists,” by Nicholas Stix, VDARE, December 19, 2019.]

On Wednesday, my friend and partner-in-crime David in TN wrote,

I was in a public library today (Wednesday, January 8, 2020), and glanced at the current National Review. In the Periscope section, there was a paragraph on the Tessa Majors murder. Want to know what National Review calls it? According to the Great Magazine of Conservative Intellectualism it was:

“A robbery gone bad.”

The rest of the MSM is following a template used for the Knoxville Horror whenever they noticed it. Namely, that the “racist reaction” is worse than the murder itself. Today another New York Times essayist called a “racist” robo-call about the murder “the worst thing I ever heard.”

N.S.: Note that National Review has enthusiastically supported the Trayvon Martin Hoax and the Charlottesville Hoax. Its editrix, Rich Lowry, clearly makes editorial decisions based on what will keep those dinner party invitations coming from influential, rich communists like Pinch Sulzberger.

Meanwhile, the New York Times published its version of a “robo-call.” A Barnard professor who is a contributor wrote a column that functioned to divert attention from the racist hate crime committed against Tessa Majors, to a supposedly “white supremacist” robo-call from Idaho to faculty members at Barnard, which she asserts was motivated by “hate,” as opposed to the former, which was a mere, racially motivated murder.

When I got the racist robocall, I deleted it instantly. My hope was to erase it from my memory, from my life, from the world I live in.

But I should have known it’s never that easy. I can still hear that man’s voice. The more I try to forget it, the more it haunts me.

Since then, I’ve been trying to understand, without much success, what the right response to hate should be. It’s not the first time I’ve heard voices like this, or wrestled with this question.

When I was young, I was ridiculed and beaten more than once for being queer. As a public advocate for L.G.B.T.Q. people, I’ve gotten used to threatening letters and being accosted in public. Last year, in response to something I’d written in The Times, someone came up to me on the street in Midtown Manhattan and began to yell and swear.

[“Tessa Majors and the Worst Thing I Ever Heard,” by Jennifer Finney Boylan, New York Times, January 7, 2020]

The author expects the reader to believe everything in his “thing,” but gives us no reason to. If someone asserts that someone said or did something extremely offensive, he has to recount it, not demand that we take his word on faith.

Two “reporters” at Buzzfeed pulled the same stunt in their “thing” about the murder, in which they asserted that a statement on Facebook was “racist,” but refused to quote it. We were simply supposed to take their word for it.

Let’s scrutinize the author’s credibility.

He depicts a nasty telephone call as worse than a murder: Strike One;

He teaches at a college that is run according to feminist ideology and practices, i.e., lies (including intellectual fraud and rape hoaxes), sexual hatred, and totalitarianism: Strike Two; and [“Kavanaugh Lynching: Campus Rape-Culture Hysteria Invades America,” by Nicholas Stix, VDARE, September 30, 2018.]

He asserts that he is a she: Strike Three.

Jennifer Finney Boylan’s real name is James Boylan. Several years ago, Boylan declared that he was a woman, a “transgender.” However, his wife and the mother of his children didn’t leave him.

I saw James Boylan and his wife interviewed by Willie Geist on The Today Show several years ago. Geist is a normal man with a wife and kids, but I never saw him act as if a sexually normal life were normal. He was always promoting the perversion of the week.

Boylan fits the stereotype of “transgenders” described by my VDARE colleague, Steve Sailer, to a t: A very aggressive man. There was no doubt as to who wore the pants in the Boylan household.

In addition to feminism’s lies, a school like Barnard promotes lies in league with its totalitarian allies, e.g., that innocent black males are constantly being arrested and railroaded or murdered by racist white policemen.

Feminism’s own main lies include:

  • There are no natural differences between men and women; the differences are all due to patriarchal socialization;
  • Women everywhere suffer pervasive sexual (now they say “gender”) discrimination in pay, treatment, etc.;
  • Women are as intelligent as men;
  • Women can do every job as well, or better than men;
  • Privileged, white, heterosexual men maintain a “rape culture”; and
  • Women never lie about rape.

When last I checked, James Boylan’s New York Times thing had received 239 comments. Most of them were supportive, as one would expect, but a number of honest comments were also permitted.

andy b

hudson, fl.10h ago

Times Pick

It disturbs me that so many of the comments about this essay totally miss the point of the author. She isn't placing the actual crime in any particular racial context, nor is she excusing the horrific result of it. She is writing about a specific reaction to it : a disheartening robo call on behalf of white supremacists that attempts to capitalize on a tragedy. Many of the commentators here seem to have used this article to grind their own particular axes, while criticizing the author for something not contained in her piece.


New York City4h ago

@andy b People are responding this way because the media's focus has been on the phone calls rather than the murder itself. The case is coming to embody in the minds of many a double standard the media applies to crimes that plausibly have a racial component. When the perpetrator is white and the victim is black, the media's presumption--often asserted as fact--is that the crime is racially motivated or reflects systemic racism but when the perpetrator is black and the victim is Jewish or white, the media avoids noting the race of the perpetrator--or worse--refuses to even entertain the possibility that the crimes are racially motivated--or worse still, bends over backwards to excuse or mitigate the offense. If you willfully ignore the overall context of the article, then these comments are mysterious. If you look at the article impartially and in context, these comments are perfectly understandable.


NY10h ago

@Lifelong Reader It is not race that caused this woman's death. Poverty, a culture of gang banging, a sense of entitlement because of years of discrimination, and jealousy and anger at the privileged lives Barnard and Columbia students share are some more significant factors. Since the police have little evidence what race the perpertrator or perpetrators are is irrelevant.


San FranciscoJan. 8

Times Pick

I don’t see how Tessa Major’s killing has anything to do with hate. We still don’t know what happened, whether it was a robbery gone wrong, or a crime with additional motivations such as racial, gender, or class-generated hatred. The young, alleged perpetrators are being sheltered by their families and are not cooperating with the investigators. Whoever robbed and killed Ms. Major deserves swift and harsh justice. I hope we can stop stepping gingerly around this crime like a bunch of woke ballerinas. Violent crime has no color; neither should justice.

Thomas commented 6 hours ago

Los Angeles6h ago

@SMcStormy Black males account for 13% of the population but commit 49% of violent crimes.


BrooklynJan. 8

at the risk of being the skeleton at the feast, I wonder why it is never, ever mentioned that all of these anti semitic horrors, the beatings and the graffiti on synagogues, are always committed, at least in nyc,by African Americans? everyone,politicians and media, seem to turn away from this reality staring them in the face. of course,it goes without saying that the vast majority of African Americans have nothing to do with these insidious attacks, but we will never achieve racial harmony unless we acknowledge the deep roots of anti semitism rampant in the black community. too often, as well, the charlatans who parade as preachers are allowed to appear on stage with the legitimate people trying to bring about racial peace. this city is ,whether we like to admit it or not, as divided along racial lines as any city in the world and things will only change when we admit the truth and go about rectifying this ugly reality.



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