A Reader Has A List Of 50 (!) Incidents The Defy The Stereotype Of White Americans Committing Mass Shootings
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Re: James Fulford's The “Leaded Law” And Mass Shootings—Poor Black Marksmanship Is Saving Lives


From: Hank Archer [Email him]


Are mass killings in America mostly committed by American white men? No, they aren’t.


I'm really irritated by the constant assumption that mass shootings are predominantly committed by White American men. I've been collecting this info for some time.

  • 2017—San Francisco (California) UPS shooting of three Americans—Asian male.
  • 2017—Bogue Chitto (Mississippi) shooting of eight Americans—African-American male.
  • 2017—Fresno (California) shooting of four Americans—African-American male (probably Islam related).
  • 2017—Fort Lauderdale (Florida) airport shooting of five Americans—Puerto Rican male (probably Islam related).
  • 2016—Los Angeles (California) party shooting of four Americans—Jamaican-African male immigrant.
  • 2016—Burlington (Washington) Mall shooting of five Americans—Turkish male immigrant (probably Islam related).
  • 2016—Baton Rouge (Louisiana) shooting of three American police officers—African-American male.
  • 2016—Dallas (Texas) shooting of five American police officers—African-American male.
  • 2016—Orlando (Florida) shooting of 49 Americans—Afghan-American male (second generation) (probably Islam related).
  • 2016—High Point HS (Maryland) shooting of three Americans—Asian male.
  • 2015—Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino (California) shooting of 14 Americans—Pakistani-American male (second generation) & Pakistani female immigrant (probably Islam related).
  • 2015—Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting of nine Americans—half-Black male immigrant.
  • 2015—Chattanooga (Tennessee) shootings of five American military men—Kuwaiti male immigrant (probably Islam related).
  • 2014—Alturas (California) shooting of four Americans—Native-American female.
  • 2014—Springfield (Missouri) shooting of four Americans—African-American male.
  • 2014—Marysville (Washington) shooting of four Americans—Native-American male.
  • 2014—Santa Barbara (California) college killing of six Americans—half-Asian male immigrant.
  • 2014—Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, four Americans killed—Puerto Rican male immigrant.
  • 2013—Washington Navy Yard (DC) shooting, 12 Americans killed—African-American male.
  • 2013—Hialeah (Florida) shooting of six Americans—Cuban male immigrant.
  • 2013—Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon killings, five Americans died—two Chechen male immigrants (probably Islam related).
  • 2012—Miami (Florida), three Americans shot—Haitian male immigrant.
  • 2012—Oikos University (California) shooting of seven Americans—Korean male immigrant.
  • 2011—Permanente Quarry (California) shooting of three Americans—African-American male.
  • 2011—Carson City (Nevada) IHOP killing of four Americans—Mexican male immigrant.
  • 2010—Hartford Distributors (Connecticut) shooting of eight Americans—African-American male.
  • 2009—Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, 13 American soldiers killed—Palestinian-American male (second generation) (probably Islam related).
  • 2009—Lakewood (Washington) shooting of four American police officers—African-American male.
  • 2009—Binghamton (New York) shooting of 13 Americans—Vietnamese male immigrant.
  • 2007—Virginia Tech (Virginia) shooting killing 32 Americans—Korean male immigrant.
  • 2007—Salt Lake City (Utah) shopping mall, five Americans killed—Bosnian male immigrant (probably Islam related).
  • 2005—Red Lake (Minnesota) shooting of 10 Americans—Native-American male.
  • 2004—Birchwood (Wisconsin) killing of six Americans—Hmong male immigrant.
  • 2004—ConAgra (Kansas) killing of five Americans—African-American male.
  • 2003—Windy City Core Supply warehouse Chicago (Illinois) in 2003, six Americans killed—Mexican male immigrant.
  • 2003—Huntsville (Alabama) shooting of four Americans—African-American male.
  • 2002—D.C. Sniper (Washington DC Metro Area) killing of 10 Americans—African-American male and Jamaican-African male immigrant (probably Islam related).
  • 2001—Navistar International (Illinois) shooting of four Americans—African-American male.
  • 2000—Queens Wendy's (New York) killing of five Americans—African-American male.
  • 2000—Mi-T-Fine Car Wash (Texas) shootings of six Americans—African-American male.
  • 1997—Phelon Company (South Carolina) massacre of four Americans—African-American male.
  • 1996—Aurora Chuck E. Cheese (Colorado) killing of four Americans—African-American male.
  • 1996—Fort Lauderdale (Florida) shooting of five Americans—African-American male.
  • 1996—Tardy Furniture (Mississippi) killing of four Americans—African-American male.
  • 1993—Long Island (New York) Railroad massacre, six Americans dead—Jamaican male immigrant.
  • 1993—101 California Street (San Francisco) shootings of nine Americans—Ethiopian male immigrant of Italian descent..
  • 1990—GMAC massacre Jacksonville (Florida) 11 Americans killed—African-American male.
  • 1987—Flight 1771 massacre of 42 Americans—Jamaican-African male immigrant.
  • 1973—Los Angeles gas station (California) shootings of seven Americans.
  • 1964—Flight 773 massacre of 44 Americans—Filipino male immigrant.

James Fulford writes: That's an excellent list. This is something we've been covering for years. The reader got a couple we've never mentioned. For more on this theme, see:




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