Chinese Guy Who Went Postal At SF UPS—Immigrant Or Not?
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In a private enterprise version of "going postal",  Chinese UPS driver Jimmy Lam (no pictures have been released, but people named Lam are almost all Chinese) killed three fellow employees of the San Francisco UPS.

Killed besides the gunman himself (he suicided) were Benson Louie, 50; Wayne Chan, 56; and Michael Lefiti, 46.

The first two names are also Chinese—San Francisco is 35.8percent Asian, up from 32.6 10 years ago. (Only  48.5 percent of the populations is white.)

So here at we have two categories of crime we follow:

So my question is, is there any way of finding out if Jimmy Lam was a Chinese immigrant, or a regular Chinese-American? Perhaps our San Francisco readers can help. Email me!





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