A Charleston Reader Does Some Noticing On Naval Crashes And Disgruntled Minorities
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Re: James Fulford's post Charleston Disgruntled Minority Shooter Update: AP Says Motivation “Not Racism”–Doesn’t Say Race Of Shooter Or Victim

From: Charleston Coast [Email him]

In case anyone is noting these things, both the CO and XO of the USS John S. McCain  (involved in one of the US Navy collisions noted tonight by John Derbyshire) were Puerto Rican natives. Oddly enough, they even share the same last name: Sanchez.[US Navy Bio]

In further Noticing news, an angry black man killed a well-known local chef here in Charleston yesterday, but any mention of the murderer's race instantly designates one as a racist and someone trying to be divisive.

Diversity is strength. ¿Si?

James Fulford writes: Diversity is strength—no. The local news coverage makes is clear that former dishwasher and alleged murderer Thomas Burns was not only an Angry Black Man (the kind who tends to engage in "Disgruntled Minority Massacres" ) but a seriously violent ex-convict. His victim, Chef Shane Whiddon was white. [ Thomas Burns, 53, identified as assailant who killed chef, took hostage at Charleston restaurant, By Andrew Knapp and Glenn Smith, PostandCourier.com, August 25, 2017]

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