This Independence Day, Historic American Nation Facing “State Conquest”—By Anti-America And The Minority Occupation Government
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The flag on the right is the gay rights/intersex flag, intended to include people even weirder. Intersex includes not only the delusional, but genuine medical intersex cases like Caster Semenya.

On the eve of the 239th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence, the Historic American Nation faces “state conquest”—the replacement of one set of heroes, symbols, narratives, and values by another, lauding what has called “Anti-America”, controlled by a Minority Occupation Government [State Conquest in South Africa Today; America Tomorrow by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 5, 2019]. Hence our Ruling Class’s outrage at the desecration of a statue of St. George Floyd, in stunning contrast to their complaisance towards and complicity in the recent utter destruction of scores of monuments to honorable, and patriotic, Americans. (See also  South Carolina lawyer gets suspension after Facebook post about George Floyd , by Jackie Salo,  NY Post, June 28, 2021 )  Increasingly, maintaining a universal “American” identity seems like the new “Lost Cause,” given that even the American flag no longer unites alleged citizens [Endorsing a Call for the New American Flag, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 22, 2021]. My conclusion: white Americans needs to secede culturally, and reclaim their symbols, including Old Glory—and Independence Day.

Paul Gottfried famously described the modern post-Western world as moving towards a “secular theocracy.” Thus current battles are battles over blasphemy. Black Lives Matter is clearly something akin to a religion. Indeed, it may actually be a religion, complete with claims of miracles, life-transforming Damascus moments, and a litany of saints and martyrs.

Not a few traditionalist-minded Christians (and at least one pagan) have compared what’s going on to the iconoclasm that ended Greco-Roman paganism in the Roman Empire, when Christians literally ripped down the gods that had once defined classical civilization. I think Michael Brendan Dougherty [Tweet him]misses the moral importance of what’s happening when he claims that “Progressivism Isn’t a New Religion,” [National Review, July 31, 2020]. Edward Dutton is closer to the mark [The Next Great Awakening, Radix, June 27, 2020].

Besides, who can deny that to many nominally Christian clergy, St. George Floyd is more worthy of righteous indignation than blasphemy against Jesus Christ? Topple a statue of Jesus or Junipero Serra and there is no call for a new crusade, just pious mumbling. But St. George Floyd rouses the Church Militant. Mainline churches compete with corporate America when it comes to flying the rainbow flag, the true imperial banner of what’ Darren J. Beattie calls the Global American Empire.

Consider Father James Martin, editor-at-large of the Jesuit  magazine America. In an act of almost incomparable blasphemy. Martin directly compared Floyd to Christ [The Holy Spirit is moving us to act against racism, by James Martin, S.J., June 1, 2020]. He’s recently received the support of Pope Francis, who praised him for his “L.G.B.T ministry” [Pope Francis encourages Jesuit Father James Martin in his L.G.B.T. ministry, by Gerard O’Connell, America, June 27, 2021].

In practice, this just means adherence to a new faith—a faith preached not just from the pulpits but from CEOs on Wall Street, the White House, entertainment, and professional sports.

Some might dismiss the new “Woke” religion as simply consumerism with vague moralistic trappings. However, as the blistering reaction against the desecration of the Floyd statue shows, there’s real fervor behind this. Traditional religious institutions have either surrendered to it, or, more commonly, enlisted in the charge.

General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson were once honored by Americans as model Christian leaders, regardless of their Civil War difference. Today, the Southern Baptist Convention, once the redoubt of Southern Christian conservatism, is trembling before Critical Race Theory.

The desecration of Christian morality and symbols is so common it barely attracts notice. In contrast, putting skidmarks on a rainbow flag on a road can lead to felony charges [Florida truck driver charged with felony after leaving skid marks on rainbow Pride crosswalk, by James Anthony, The Post Millennial, June 20, 2021].

Let’s not kid ourselves that blasphemy charges are only to be found in the Muslim world, or that we don’t have a state religion of our own [Mural depicting Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, others defaced, Associated Press, June 30, 2021]. Even National Cuckview is catching on [In the West, “Incorrect” Speech Is Increasingly Treated as Blasphemy, by Lois McLatchie, June 27, 2021].

The issue is not whether one thinks about homosexuality, Christianity, or correct doctrine. The issue is that certain groups and symbols have sacred significance in the eyes of the Ruling Class and many churches. And others do not.

In the rather bizarre way that progressive dogma operates in practice, even members of “marginalized” groups cease to be part of the Victim Class if they have the “wrong” political beliefs. Peter Thiel is homosexual, but isn’t spared from libelous attacks by Progressive media, the true clerics of the new regime. Andy Ngo is both homosexual and Asian, but fashionable concerns about “anti-Asian” violence mysteriously vanish when he is attacked in the street by (white) antifa.

In my book Conservatism Inc., I recall that the very first act of Leftist violence I personally experienced the night Donald Trump was elected was against a black Trump supporter, who was savagely set upon by a mostly white mob. I found myself (and others, rather more heroically) defending him from being beaten by Antifa.

Thus, the rainbow flag, or the more convoluted version that includes new sexual identities as well as “blacks” and “browns,” doesn’t truly represent groups as such. It represents a political ideology, one that claims to speak in the name of favored groups [It’s Time Black and Brown People Be Included in the Pride Flag, by Nico Lang, Them, June 1, 2020]

There are always newer versions of the flag, the symbolism I haven’t yet decoded. I don’t need to. It just means no whites and no “pride” in actual Western history, as opposed to cults of grievances by people who shouldn’t be here to begin with.

Mayor of London on Twitter: "The Stonewall riots happened over half a century ago but the message of freedom, equality and justice rings as true today as it did in 1969. I stand proudly beside LGBTQ+ Londoners as we remember those who fought for everyone’s right to love who they love, free from prejudice.

Obviously, not all non-whites or non-heterosexuals think this weird flag represents them. However, many, probably most, members of those groups do identify with this ideology. And many straight whites also have adopted it as a kind of token of faith.

Thus well-meaning attempts to oppose Critical Race Theory in the name of saving blacks, Hispanics, or Asians from “Marxists” are doomed to failure. Members of these groups have powerful social, political, and financial incentives to along with the State Cult. If you subsidize something, you get more of it—as conservatives understand in economics but apparently not in culture. If opponents of Critical Race Theory don’t oppose it forthrightly on the grounds that it is anti-white and attacks whites as a group, they will fail [Critical Race Theory Is Just Anti-White Racism, by Scott Greer, American Greatness, June 27, 2021].

We are faced with an aggressive and intolerant cult, with the power of the Permanent Government behind it. How should actual Americans, those who aren’t represented by the Global American Empire’s banner, respond?

 Back to my conclusion: we reclaim the Stars and Stripes, not just as a symbol of ethnic identity but even as a symbol of religious identity. It arouses the same feelings of spiritual belonging that the “Pride” flag does for its adherents. It encompasses who we are as a people. Attacks on it are attacks on whites as such. They enable and create an atmosphere for anti-white violence, which, despite media gaslighting, is far more prominent than white-on-black crime [Stochastic Terrorism, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 18, 2018].

Cut the nonsense about at-risk “black bodies.” Blacks mostly face threats from other blacks. In contrast, whites are at risk every day from a campaign of hatred cheered on by Journofa. Given their power, I lay the blood of every crime against whites by nonwhites at the door of the Main Stream Media.

It’s time for righteous indignation of our own.

It’s also time to hold Conservativism Inc to its word. For longer than I’ve been alive, the GOP has advanced proposals to ban flag burning. President Donald J. Trump even mentioned it late in his administration, advancing a constitutional amendment [Trump throws support behind “no brainer” measure to ban burning of American flag, by Tal Axelrod, The Hill, June 15, 2019].

Below, a Tweet he issued in 2015:

Needless to say, nothing came of it—just as so little came from so many grand pronouncements and pledges of action.

Yet there is a way forward besides a constitutional amendment. We already have seen that the destruction of certain symbols, flags, and even marks on the road are considered “hate crimes.” Why not the American flag? Why not statues of American heroes?

Indeed, why not the Confederate Battle Flag, which is simply the flag of the white South? Surely this population deserves to have its identity protected just like any non-white minority group or American Indian tribe.

And surely whites throughout American territory, who see the U.S. flag as uniquely the flag of the nation, not just the government, deserve to have their identity protected.

Burning the American flag may be constitutionally protected “speech.” But burning a rainbow flag should be constitutionally protected “speech” too. Yet, somehow, it’s not.

Let’s be fair. If someone walks into a black community and burns the black nationalist flag in front of them, he is deliberately insulting them and inciting confrontation. Perhaps it shouldn’t be illegal, but it de facto is.

But is it not true that when blacks do the same to the American flag, they are equally picking a fight?  

White Americans must demand that their symbols be protected. We are under threat—and it is deliberate. The American flag is our flag.

Some prominent BLM activists admit as much, which is why they want it redesigned. Give them their wish. If this requires that we need some new “official” government flag designed by some Affirmative Action celebrity, so be it [It was used as a weapon at the insurrection: Macy Gray on her quest to re-design the American flag and her vision for a country where everyone is ‘cool’ with each other, Insider, June 29, 2021].

It will mean nothing to anyone. However, the real American flag will mean something to Historic American Nation.

Is there not one Republican in Congress who will stand up for Old Glory? I don’t have any particular legislation in mind, but it would raise the question of why certain flags and symbols can be destroyed with impunity while others cannot. It would raise the question of why the so-called “marginalized” groups are in fact those who now receive racial socialist legally-mandated privileges and set-asides from the federal regime. Finally, it will raise the true National Question once and for all—who is American, and who is not.

If we are to be an empire of squabbling tribes, I want the symbols and interests of my tribe protected. If no politicians are willing to do that, despite countless years of chest beating about patriotism, I suggest they’ve lost the consent of the governed.

If that’s the case, perhaps new political approaches are necessary—including creating new institutions that more legitimately reflect the interests of the Historic American Nation. After all, American conservatives should remember that the oldest tradition of our people is revolution.

In the Anglo-American tradition, revolution is launched not to destroy the social order or property, but to preserve the liberties and hierarchy that are inseparable from our collective existence as a people and the individual blessings that make our lives worth living.

Old Glory represents that. If the GOP can’t even defend that most elemental of symbols, then we shouldn’t count on them to defend our borders, our freedoms, or anything else of consequence.

And perhaps we should raise a new standard to which the wise and honest can repair, from a new redoubt that will rally all patriots of good will.


James Kirkpatrick [Email him |Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow's Preface here.

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