Biden Recklessly Considers Admitting Palestinians. HEED Denmark’s Experience!
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Late on Tuesday night CBS News broke an important story: White House considers welcoming some Palestinians from war-torn Gaza as refugees, by Camillo Montoya-Galvez, April 30,,2024.

Judging by Google News, MSM pickup on the story has been weak. Interested outlets are mainly foreign or particularly interested in immigration. News Not Fit To Print, apparently.

Steve Sailer caught it in his multi-subject blog College Occupations: This Week's Crisis of the Century Won't Change Much

Egypt doesn’t want to let in Palestinians, who have a track record of destabilizing host countries, such as Jordan and then Lebanon in the 1960s and 1970s…

Bibi Netanyahu would like nothing better than for America to take the Gazans off his hands.

But at 6:15 AM today ZeroHedge posted an incisive analysis: Biden Considering Bringing Some Refugees From Gaza To The US, by Tyler Durden,. May 1, 2024:

…as standoffs at various liberal campuses turn increasingly more violent... the Biden administration appears to have gotten its Soros marching orders to pour gasoline into the fire… it is hardly a surprise that Biden, desperate to avoid losing the vote of the ultra-left progressive wing of the Democrat party which just happens to sympathize with Hamas, will pander to this group whose votes may end up deciding the November election.

(The leaked reports say that only Palestinian with U.S. relatives will benefit—and CBS quotes the White House as saying,

…some particularly vulnerable individuals, such as children with serious health problems and children who were receiving treatment for cancer.)

Given the Biden Administration’s unmatched record of not enforcing immigration regulations and lying about it,  any assurances on limits are worthless.

Of course, importing anyone from what is right now probably the most anti-Zionist population in the world into a country which Zionists apparently control is obviously crazily dangerous.

But even without that issue, Palestinians are bad news.

Last October I posted Admitting Palestinians Would Be Disastrous. Denmark Has The Numbers.

Some 5 years ago, the center-left Social Democrats won power. They proceeded to steal the policies of the patriot Danish Peoples Party. As a result Denmark has the most restrictive immigration policies in Europe.

It also has the best statistics on immigrant crime. I quoted a Remix article:

While countries like Germany are racing to hide migrant crime, Denmark has the most transparent data on the topic of nearly any country in the Western world. It not only tracks migrant crime but also breaks down this data between European and non-European offenders. [Link in original]

Not only are non-European migrants vastly overrepresented in the crime data, but for certain serious offenses like murder, assault, and rape, the overrepresentation is astounding…

Danish figures show that the second generation of non-European immigrants is less integrated than the first, and has an 18% higher chance than their parents of being tried for a crime...

Some years ago the Danes made the mistake of  admitting a particular group of Palestinians. A Parliamentary question in 2020 drew the answer:

Palestinians have ended up in crime and on public welfare.

Two-thirds of those who received a residence permit … have run afoul of the law, the report shows. ”Depressing,” says the minister.

Denmark’s Jewish community (0.6%) is almost invisible. The Palestinians have no obvious grievance against the Danes.

The American Jewish population (1.7%) is extremely visible. Palestinians do have a grudge against them, and for that matter Americans as a whole.

If this Biden recklessness is not stopped, blood will flow.

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