If Whites Are A Minority Worldwide, Or In Majority Non-White Areas, They Should INSIST On Their "Minority Rights"
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I believe it was in Border Patrolman Bill Jordan’s book Tales of the Rio Grande where Jordan tells of what it was like arresting dozens of illegal aliens in the dark while alone or when working with just one partner. He said something along the lines of, “We believed in minority rights and when there are two Agents arresting 20+ aliens, we were the minority.”  It was his way of explaining some of the harsh tactics used to keep aliens in line. 

In reading, talking to, and listening to lectures recently, I keep hearing about “minorities” when what is really meant is non-whites.  White people were once the majority of Europe and North America (I do not include Mexico in that). However, not only are we projected to be a minority soon, given that we have an open border, we should be looking at the world globally, as our enemies do. When posing the question, “What percentage of the world population is of white European ancestry?” I get a response of 12% from Brave's search engine, and 10.2% from GAB's AI. 

Face it, white people are the minority. It's just that we live in all the nicer parts of the globe, so (with a few exceptions like Japan), every non-white wants to leave their septic-tank like countries and emigrate to a once majority white one. 

Personally, I think we should be campaigning for minority rights, but insisting we calculate who is a minority by share of the world population.  Eskimos would still make out well, but Asians would not. Even Hispanics account for roughly 18.7% of the world population, and a similar number of black Africans depending on what source you use. 

It is we whites who are a shrinking and oppressed minority being lorded over by a dysfunctional non-white majority. 

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