Barbarians On BOTH Sides Of The Gates—Multicultural ICE Employees Betraying Their Trust
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Above, police arrest Samuel Nyanteng, a native of Ghana. He’s not an illegal immigrant—he’s a US immigration officer.

In less than one year, two immigration officials stationed in NJ have been charged with violating the laws they swore to uphold. One was a Hispanic immigration official who brought in a Hispanic illegal alien girlfriend, and one was a Ghanaian-born US immigration officer who brought in an illegal from…Ghana, of course.


Deportation Officer charged with harboring undocumented girlfriend.

By Max Pizarro 04/09/15 11:30am “Arnaldo Echevarria, 37, of Somerset County, is charged by criminal complaint with one count of harboring an illegal alien and one count of making false statements.”

According to the charge Echevarria, didn’t just look the other way, he lived with and went into business with an illegal who in turn hired other illegals in their joint venture. His paramour entered the US illegally by appropriating the identity of a Puerto Rican to get a Pennsylvania ID.

Echevarria may have come under suspicion when he ran computer checks on his girlfriends and shadow employees’ aliases. On the other hand illegals now regularly inform on their employers, confident that they will not be deported as per Obama administration policy.

If sustained, these charges mean that Echevarria had so little respect for the internal controls of Homeland Security that he felt safe in letting them know he was the owner of a largely cash business which tends to hire illegals.


Immigration Official charged with illegally bringing person into U.S. from Ghana.

Bill Wichert/ NJ Advance Media for on August 06’, 2014 at 6:57pm

Nyanteng, 33,

was taken into custody at about 6a.m. when detectives executed a search warrant at his Leslie Street home. Prosecutors allege that Nyanteng submitted fraudulent documents and knowingly made false statements to immigration authorities in order to bring another person into the United States from Ghana.

A naturalized American who was born in Ghana, Nyanteng performed administrative support duties, said USCIS spokeswoman Anita Moore.”

At the time of his arrest, Nyanteng was in line for a promotion, prosecutors said. Before working for Homeland Security, Nyanteng worked for the U.S. Department of Defense, Prosecutors said.

Along with the many examples from our border with Mexico, these cases point to a dangerous trend in American life. We increasingly rely on populations we can’t trust to keep track of each other. Or should I say keep track of themselves? Is it any surprise they let us down?

Point  1: Clearly, our civil rights era legal structure makes it impossible to appoint people without racial/ethnic/religious skin on the game to protect us from their kinfolk. Public servants stop being our servants in any respect long a go. There is no longer a justification for us to see Federal Employees as stakeholders in our common fate.

Entrusting jobs in Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to people from other continents is in itself, a betrayal of Homeland Security and public trust.

Point  2:Alien culture wins out over-all. Repeatedly, we can see that the low trust cultures our supposed protectors bring with them trumps any oath of office they took. It’s difficult to come away from these and similar cases with the feeling that the accused felt any sense of betrayal. For them, our society is just the big piñata, and they are just swinging for the goodies.

These particular individuals, living in New Jersey, are surrounded by both illegal immigrants and the culture that promotes mass immigration. Note, Echevarria is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Rahul Agarwal.

Point  3:The low opinion of our nation and history held by our elites is clearly taken as a tacit permission by these latecomers to treat the rest of us with similar disdain. An old saying has it that, “There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers.” I doubt that applies here, for surely, a Federal Government headed by amoral minority opportunists can be trusted to lead by example. And it is precisely that example we see in these cases.

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