A New York Reader Says Black Nurse's Aides In Hospitals Have Been Seen Refusing To Wear Masks, And Working While Sick With Corona
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From: A New York Healthcare Worker [Email him]

“Put on your masks!,” a nurse shouts at the maskless certified nurse aides (CNAs) working under her at a New York Hospital. They all laugh, and go back to their work, without their masks. It’s a big joke to them.

The CNAs who refused to wear their masks were all black immigrants from the Caribbean. The nurse was not black.

I know of at least one black immigrant CNA who knew that she was infected with Coronavirus and took Tylenol to knock down her fever, so she could go to work undetected. The CNA in question was motivated solely by greed. Fortunately, one of her supervisors heard about her ruse, and forced her to go home. But did she infect someone before she left work?

The people playing politics on TV by blaming Trump for everything, will keep on blaming him, while praising the murderously negligent CNAs as “heroes,” as the latter cause even more deaths, and spread COVID-19 further into the community. The Trump-bashers on TV don’t care at all about saving lives.

CNA jobs are one of many types that have been taken over by people of very low intelligence and equally low diligence. They probably don’t even believe in germ theory.

Incompetent, feckless healthcare providers will cause a new wave of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

James Fulford writes: The IQ required for a Registered Nurse  is estimated at 107.2, for a licensed practical nurse it's estimated at 97.0, and for a nurse's aide, it's estimated at 90.3. Audacious Epigone has the figures here.

In a blog post in 2007 about the dangers of Mexican immigrants making home-made, unpasteurized cheese, which frequently contains listeria  and TB germs, I wrote that the problem was that Third World immigrants don't understand the germ theory of disease, and may refuse to believe it even if we teach it to them.

I've said this repeatedly since then:

It's bad enough when the people who don't understand or believe in the germ theory of disease are picking fruit, or working at Chipotle, but the idea that they're working in a hospital during a pandemic is appalling.



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