NY Real Estate Owners Pigging Out On Great Replacement Funding
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H/T Border Hawk for drawing my attention to Hotel in trendy NYC neighborhood quietly converted into shelter for migrant families [by Carl Campanile, New York Post, April 29, 2024].

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration recently awarded a $12.3 million emergency contract to a not-for-profit social service provider to run a “city sanctuary facility for families with children” at 235 Meeker Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—the address of the Hotel Le Jolie.

Apparently, the repurposing was done stealthily last year but it has taken this long for NYC to get around to appointing a manager.

Commendably, the Post highlights a key point:

The migrant crisis has been a boon for Big Apple hotels still hurting from the loss of tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 100 hotels have agreed to convert into emergency shelters for migrant families and individuals who have flooded the city from the southern border—with the government footing the bill for the rooms.

The main economic beneficiaries of the Biden No Borders policy have been the immivaders themselves, living quite lavishly at the expense of American taxpayers. But the owners of certain capital assets benefit too. Landlords are a prime example as I noted in Queens Landlord Enriched By Biden Immivasion—Neighborhood Destroyed.

The Hotel Le Jolie seems to have been a marginal property. But there is no suggestion that it was expropriated. The owners were able to improve their financial return because of the enthusiasm New York’s pols have for subsidizing the Great Replacement

Fundamentally what the Biden Administration has done is a brutal attack on the living standards of American workers, as I noted in NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class.

And the damage is going to be serious and long lasting, as I commended an alert CNN journalist for spotting in Drudge Boosts Toilet Paper Fallacy. But CNN (!) Reports Devastating Flaw.

But it must be remembered that there are sections of American society which stand to benefit, employers and real estate owners being in the lead.

Perhaps when I wrote MSM Bigfoots Krugman And Rampell Use Toilet Paper Fallacy To Mask Great Replacement Enthusiasm,  I should have weighed the class interest of these revolting specimens more.


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